Online Student's Guide to Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Posted: October 28, 2020 | Author: Morgan Johnston | Read Time: 3 minutes

Step out of your comfort zone as an online studentWhat you’re comfortable doing and the type of environment you’re used to is considered your comfort zone. It’s a safe place that you don’t have to stress or worry about. Even though it’s riskier and requires more work, stepping out of your comfort zone gives you new opportunities: you might find it easier to push those boundaries, gain insight into new perspectives, and become more creative, adaptable, and productive. Here are a few examples of ways to step out of your comfort zone as an online student:

Reach Out to Your Professors

Reaching out to professors can be important to your success as an online student.

“It's a good idea to reach out to your professors regardless of if you need help or not,” said Alexander Street, Southern Utah University Online Admissions team. “Developing those relationships can be useful in being more confident in class.”

Professors can help you while you’re in their class and in the future as well. Step out of your comfort zone by building a network and developing relationships.

Participate in Class Discussions

If you don’t like public speaking or are not sure that you have the correct answer, it can be intimidating to participate in class discussions. However, being a part of the discussion can help you and others learn better and get new perspectives.

“Don't be afraid to be engaged in discussions. Express your opinions, ask questions of your classmates, and don't be afraid to be wrong,” said Street. “You're here to learn not to show how much you know.”

Reach Out to Your Classmates

Try reaching out to your classmates. Relationships you build now in college could help you in the future. Even in online classes, you can form friendships, networks, and study groups. It might require a little more creativity but with today’s technology, it can be done.

Try reaching out to classmates over LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Meet, email, or class discussions. You can discuss course material and get study help. Consider forming a virtual study group, where you can network and help each other prepare for homework and tests. Although building relationships with new people can be uncomfortable at first, in no time you can get a new network, friends, and help for your online classes.

Get Involved

Get involved with the school. There are many activities held on campus, but also online. Check out the SUU Student Programming Board and SUU Online’s social media channels to stay up to date. This can help you get information on and participate in Zoom events or webinars. You can also look into other SUU departments and clubs' social media accounts and show support for school organizations. Social media is a great way to stay involved with the school and network with other students.


As an online student, it’s important to push your limits and step outside of your comfort zone. Talk with professors and students and be engaged with your school and online events. Doing so can help you get the full college experience from wherever you are in the world. Even though you may not live in Cedar City, online students are an important part of SUU.

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