Work Management Tips for Online Students

Posted: November 02, 2020 | Author: Grace Thorkelson | Read Time: 2 minutes

Work management tips for online studentsMany students tend to believe that online classes are more overwhelming and time consuming than a regular on-campus class, because there may be less motivation or structure given directly from the professor. While this may be true in some cases, having a plan can easily combat the difficulties that can arise when taking online courses. Below we discuss four work management techniques for online students to find success as they navigate through this new learning environment.

Make a Plan

Making a plan is critical to finding your groove throughout the semester. While each class has different requirements, writing down your goals and drafting a strategy for specific steps to take will set you up to receive the grades you want.

Create Study Groups

Despite the fact that you may struggle with various aspects of your courses, your peers may have a better understanding of some concepts and be able to help you. Reaching out to friends in your classes to create study groups will help both the ‘teacher’ and the ‘student’ by solidifying the content for the student who understands it well and for the other student to have another opportunity to learn it for the first time.

Utilize the Tutoring Center

At times, your course load may seem like too much to handle. Southern Utah University’s Tutoring Center is designed to support the individual learning goals of students as well as bring experience, expertise, and enthusiasm to learning. From drop-in tutoring to group-tutoring sessions you can find the help you need to succeed, by contacting the Tutoring Center at or 435-586-7714 to see what options best fit your needs.

Schedule Study Blocks

While you may feel that you have plenty of time to put off completing an assignment, it is important that you do not procrastinate until the 11th hour.
“Make a plan on when you will do your homework and then stick to it,” recommends Stephanie Greenhalgh, senior graduate admissions specialist.

Taking this advice to heart can prove to be extremely beneficial for students throughout the course of their collegiate experiences. Schedule specific times of each day that you will study, complete homework assignments, and prepare for exams. Doing so will help you stay on top of your schoolwork and manage the load that you currently have.


Although there are a variety of difficulties that you may encounter as you navigate online classes, scheduling study blocks, utilizing a tutor, creating a study group, and developing a plan will help you work through it successfully.

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