What's the Best City for Your Online Major Field?

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Best city for your majorIn most cases, you can pursue your dream career in any place you want to go to. Especially in today’s day and age, when technology is constantly evolving, it is becoming more and more commonplace to work remotely. As long as you have an internet connection, you can do whatever you want, wherever you want. However, if you are determined to move, make sure to place yourself anywhere in the country based on the career you want to pursue, here is a list of cities where your field is booming

Bachelor in Accounting - New York City, New York

Merry Beth Ward in NASBA’s article titled The Top 15 Cities for Accounting Careers stated that “New York dwarfs the competition with over 140,000 people working as accountants, auditors and bookkeepers. With all four Big Four accounting firms headquartered there, as well as 43 Fortune 500 companies, it is a place to be for anyone looking to work in finance.”
The Big Four accounting firms are Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and PWC. Through being located near all of the four firms, you will be closer to any opportunities that might pop up.

Bachelor in Business Management - Washington D.C.

In the article 10 Best Cities for Business Graduates to Move, Colin Holmes writes, “Washington D.C. earns the top spot on our list for two main reasons: it’s our highest-ranked city for open positions in business and finance, and it comes in second in cost of livability.”

Combined with the affordable cost of living and the number of jobs available, Washington D.C. is a fantastic place to move for business management majors.

Bachelor in Communication - Des Moines, Iowa

Rachel Dehl, the author of Best Cities to Work in If You Want a Dream Media Job, published on the Balance Careers writes, “Recently named America's Wealthiest City by the "Today" show, Des Moines, Iowa, may not be a major city. However, it is the home of the Meredith Corporation, a media, and marketing company involved in magazine and book publishing, television broadcasting, and brand licensing.”

Because there are so many media companies in Des Moines, communication majors have the ability to have a variety of positions they can pursue at many different companies.

Bachelor in Criminal Justice - Los Angeles, California

Criminal Justice Degree Hub states that Los Angeles is one of the best places to move after obtaining a Criminal Justice degree. The article goes on to say that combined with the higher crime rate that goes along with a metro area and the large size of the police force, there’s a possibility that there will be a larger quantity of job opportunities.

Bachelor in Elementary Education - Chicago, Illinois

According to Niche, 4 out of the top 5 school districts in the United States are located near to Chicago, or in the suburbs of Chicago. Therefore, living in Chicago, you will have an easy commute to any of these school districts, widening your opportunities.

Bachelor in Family Life and Human Development - Seattle, Washington

In her article The 15 best—and worst—US cities for young, growing families on CNBC,
Anna Hecht states that Seattle is one of the best cities to move to for young families. Because it’s one of the best cities for families to move to, this shows that the city is very family oriented and that there can be many opportunities for individuals graduating with a Family Life and Human development degree.

Bachelor in Finance - Chicago, Illinois

Especially if you are interested in making a career in the investments track, Chicago is a great place to move to. Because the CME Group (Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade) is based in Chicago, you’ll be surrounded by many opportunities.

In Investopedia’s article Top 10 Cities for a Career in Finance, Brian Perry states, “Chicago is home to the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), making it a hot spot for futures and derivatives trading. Large banks and brokerage firms also often have offices in America's ‘second city.’”

Bachelor in History - Los Angeles, California

Depending on what you want to do with your career in history, different cities will have different purposes. For example, if you want to pursue a career working in a museum setting, it will be best to move to a place where you can pursue your career aspirations. Therefore, Los Angeles might be the perfect place for you! According to Far and Wide, Los Angeles has a staggering 219 museums, so you will have a world of opportunities.

Bachelor in Marketing - New York City, New York

Similar to other business degrees, a career move to a metro area could be very beneficial for you. There are many marketing agencies based in New York, such as Crafted, SEOBrand, and Yotpo. In addition, many companies in general are based in New York who do their marketing in-house. You will be able to find many job opportunities because of this in New York.

Bachelor in Political Science - Washington D.C.

If you’re considering a career in political science, Washington D.C. makes perfect sense as far as a career move goes. In Washington D.C. you’ll be in the heart of government. You will have opportunities for internships and other work under high-power individuals that have the ability to push you forward in your career.

Bachelor in Nursing - Salinas, California

According to 50 Cities Where Nurses Earn The Most Money by Andrew DePietro, Salinas, California is the city in which nurses get paid the highest salary at $131,710. Comparatively, the national average salary for nurses in the United States is $77,460 as stated on Nurseslabs.


Though all of these cities would be fantastic places to move and to work, always keep in mind that your online degree is versatile and you can find opportunities wherever you set your mind to! Remember to network, actively search for opportunities, and keep your resume and your cover letter polished.

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