Scholarships and Financial Aid for Online Students

Posted: December 16, 2020 | Author: Grace Thorkelson | Read Time: 3 minutes

Financial aid for online studentsFinancial barriers are one major challenge that both undergraduate and graduate students face in the educational system today. Knowing how to fund your schooling and housing, as well as lack of income due to being enrolled in full-time classes can be a tough road to navigate. One way students can work to overcome these financial hurdles is through scholarships, grants, and internships. Below we share a variety of ideas that have helped students around the nation be successful in finding what works for them.

Financial Aid and Pell Grants

For both online and on-campus undergraduate students, a variety of grants and financial aid are available to those who qualify. Due to the fact that these grants are need-based, completing the online FAFSA form is required in order to see if you qualify. Southern Utah University’s Financial Aid Office website delves into a variety of these grants and sources that can help you fund your education. If you are in need of help applying or simply have questions, reach out to the financial aid office for added guidance. Applying for FAFSA is a great place to start for students who are looking for financial aid to help them complete their schooling, and must be completed before applying for some institutional scholarships, too.

Private Scholarships

Some students are under the impression that they won’t qualify for scholarships simply because they are enrolled in online classes rather than traditional on-campus courses. Many scholarships do not require you to be registered for traditional courses, in fact, there are some scholarships available only to online students. Checking with your institution's financial aid office as well as the department in which you are enrolled for classes may also open the doors for departmental scholarships. Researching private scholarships on one of the websites listed below would be beneficial to students and parents striving to help your student finance their education.

Institutional Scholarships

Most public institutions offer a variety of scholarships based on past grades (high school or college) and ACT or SAT scores. Don’t cut yourself short by not applying for these opportunities to help you financially during your collegiate experience.

SUU has an entire webpage dedicated to scholarships for all types of students, ranging from first-year, to transfer, non-traditional, and much more. If you have specific questions about which scholarships you might qualify for, reaching out to the SUU Financial Aid Office can help guide you in the right direction.


Although an internship isn’t a direct form of financial aid, it can help you pay your way through college. Paid internships may seem difficult to come by, but doing your research, staying on top of your grades, and networking with the right people can help you connect with great opportunities. Not only can a paid internship help you make ends meet, but it can assuredly help you get a foot in the door in your desired industry.


Don’t sell yourself short. Be sure to do ample research in regard to financial aid and scholarship and internship opportunities at the institution you will be attending. Stay on the lookout for private scholarships by searching online and keeping in touch with the financial aid office at your university. Last but not least, apply for financial aid (FAFSA). Doing so may qualify you for a wide range of need-based scholarships and Pell Grants.

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