Five Pieces of Advice for Online Students

Posted: March 01, 2021 | Author: Southern Utah University | Read Time: 3 minutes

How to succeed as an online studentAlthough online degrees are flexible the difficulty of courses is no different from in-person college courses. Online degrees take time, commitment, and hard work. Being successful in an online environment can be tricky, but there are tricks to stay organized, keep up with your coursework, and be fully immersed in the online education process.

Advice for Online Students

Create a Calendar

As the school year is in full swing a calendar to help keep you on track could not be more valuable. Set time aside and update/create your calendar with the upcoming week's tasks. Make sure you give yourself a generous amount of time for assignments, lectures, and tests. Creating a weekly schedule will help ease the stress of college and will help you find a work pattern, as well as allow you to focus on what is most important.

Set Up a Study Space

Routines can be one of the most beneficial tools in the online student’s tool belt. Setting up a consistent space where you do coursework can be a complete game-changer. Everyone learns and works differently, whether that's in your kitchen, living room, or even a coffee shop. No matter the location it is a must that you choose a spot that works best for you.

After figuring out your space you need to dedicate it to the sole purpose of schooling. Setting aside a space that is only for schooling will allow you to focus on school and limit your distractions. Limiting distractions should be the main priority of an online student and creating a study space will do just that.

Creating a Student Network

Having the resources of fellow students can completely change the way you think of online schooling. With collaboration, you will see success come fast and friends come even faster as an online student.

Southern Utah University fosters a feeling of community to help each student succeed. Due to this most SUU courses are built to encourage collaborations between students. Learning with others can help you understand the material faster as well as clearer. It may seem difficult to collaborate online but it has never been easier. New apps are coming out daily that help students connect with each other.

Setting Up Goals

Few things in life feel as good as accomplishing a goal you set. Attending classes can be stressful and end up feeling unrewarding. If you feel this way setting goals can be your ticket to feeling fulfilled and accomplished. When setting weekly, monthly, or semester goals focus on realistic and reachable goals. At the start set small goals that can be achieved quickly. Doing this will help you get motivated for loftier goals and inspire you to work harder. Every week reevaluate your goals and check off ones you have accomplished. A note to remember, don't get down if some goals do not get accomplished. No one is perfect.

Actively Participate

When attending college online it is easy to slip into a routine of missing lecturers and doing assignments at their bare minimum. Yet, if you're able to kick that habit and stigma that is associated with online schooling you can see success and clearer understanding come your way.

Make sure to attend all lectures, read through the syllabus, and work on assignments early. If attended actively online schooling can be a very rewarding and enriching endeavor.


Whether you choose to do one or two or all of the tips above you will see a positive change in your online education. SUU is here to watch you succeed and find joy while doing it.

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