Is Getting a Master of Music Education Worth It?

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Is Getting a Master of Music Education Worth It?A master’s degree in music education is specifically for those who are currently teaching in the field of band, choir or orchestra and would like to continue their education. Many students find this program to be accommodating and form-fitting, as it gives them the ability to work and continue their education.

The Master of Music Education program at Southern Utah University is completely online, with the exception of one three-week session that requires on-campus attendance. This allows students to utilize their classrooms in their own learning and match their busy teaching schedules.

The choice to continue your education in a master's program is a big decision. It will take hard work and lots of time, so make sure you are ready for the commitment it takes. As you look at the master’s of music education program, consider if it will work with your schedule and if your workload can accommodate the work.

School Life

This program begins with the three-week on-campus session in June. You should count on being in class or doing homework almost all day during this time. Once you have completed those three weeks, the remainder of the program is completely online. Depending on how many credits you take, you should count on spending a couple of hours a week on schoolwork during the school year.

Having the program online gives you the freedom to complete the degree on your own time. It’s designed to be completed while working full-time as a music educator, giving you the ability to complete your education while earning a living and progressing your career. The program consists of 30 credit hours and uses your current classroom for learning. About one-third of the credits are electives and individualized projects and give you the opportunity to personalize your degree.

Admission Requirements For the Master’s of Music Education

The master's of music education program at SUU has a few prerequisites. It requires that the student applying has a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher. It also requires a bachelor's degree in music with teaching certification and proof of a current teaching position.

To prove that you have a teaching job you will need to provide three letters of recommendation. One of them must be from an administrator who can confirm current and ongoing employment in a music ensemble classroom. Some of the assignments for the course need the students to try techniques in their own classrooms.

In addition, students will need to submit a resume and written statement of purpose, similar to a cover letter.

Potential Jobs with a Master’s Degree in Music Education

Getting a master's degree in music education opens up many doors for a career. Even if with plenty of options, by far the most common is becoming a music teacher. Students choosing this degree should be both a fan of music as well as teaching. If you like one and not the other this may not be the choice for you. A few additional careers in music education include:

  • Music Historian
  • Musicologist
  • District Supervisor of Music
  • College, Conservatory, or University Music Teacher
  • Private Instrument Teacher
  • Band Director
  • Ethnomusicologist
  • Music Teacher

Potential Salary with a Master’s Degree in Music Education

The Music Education program gives you the opportunity to have a career in something that you love. The doors the degree opens for jobs also come along with the average annual salary of $62,330, which is above the national average for someone with a master's degree.

Master's in Music Education at SUU

Earning a master's degree in music education from SUU can give you the boost in your career you are looking for. Teachers will utilize their own classrooms as experimental spaces while they learn best practices, broaden their pedagogy, and grow as artists.

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