Is Getting a Master of Interdisciplinary Studies Worth It?

Posted: March 19, 2021 | Author: Sayre Davis | Read Time: 3 minutes

Is Getting a Master of Interdisciplinary Studies Worth It?The Master of Interdisciplinary Studies at Southern Utah University is a very unique and fulfilling degree. An MIS degree allows you to figure out which three of the disciplines offered you would like to study and can open many doors to unique jobs. A lot of these disciplines you can study are used in the work field. It also gives you the ability to pick your own degree which gives a personal effect to college which can be lost nowadays. The Master of Interdisciplinary Studies program from SUU is ranked third in the nation by Best College Reviews.

As we look if this degree is worth it keep in mind what courses you want to take. We will go over all the courses and what this degree will offer you after you graduate. This is something that can be very useful to know no matter what degree you choose.

What will school look like?

The MIS degree at SUU consists of 30 credit hours from different fields of studies. The foundation includes 12 credits in interdisciplinary core courses, in addition to nine credits each from two of the following programs of study:

  • Arts Administration
  • Aviation
  • Business Administration
  • Corporate Online Training
  • Cybersecurity & Information Assurance
  • Education
  • General Studies
  • Music Technology
  • Online Teaching
  • Leadership Studies
  • Professional Communication
  • Public Administration
  • School Library (endorsement available)*
  • Special Education (no endorsement)
  • Systems Quality Leadership & Management
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (no endorsement)

Choosing three of these can be difficult but is required for the degree. Once the above classes are passed, students complete the MIS degree with a 3-credit capstone (INDS 6900 - MIS Capstone Project), 3-credit internship (INDS 6890 - Interdisciplinary Internship), or 3-credit thesis (INDS 6910 - MIS Capstone Thesis). This will provide you with a sense of completion and fulfillment in each of these courses of study.

Jobs Opportunities With an MIS Degree

With a master's in interdisciplinary studies, many different types of jobs are available, and in some cases, more job opportunities than if you graduated with a single degree. It is most helpful to figure out your career path before picking your three interdisciplinary studies and build your degree around your future job. It will allow you to be a well-rounded candidate with many job-related skills. A few jobs you could get with the MIS are:

  • Assistant Marketing Manager
  • Government Affairs Director
  • Academic Advisor (College/University)
  • Social Media Content Manager
  • Senior Human Resources (HR) Generalist
  • Research Director
  • Program Manager, Non-Profit Organization
  • Salaries and Opportunities

The average salary opportunity for someone with a master's of interdisciplinary studies is $69,262 a year. This degree offers a great opportunity for a high salary and a meaningful job. Overall this degree will allow you to focus on many different aspects of your future job which can give you an upper hand in your career.


The Master of Interdisciplinary Studies degree is a great choice for any student looking to tailor their education to a future career. Not only will it build your resume with job-specific skills, it will boost your ability to get a job and leave you with a great chance for earning a higher salary.

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