Advancements in the Field of Criminal Justice

Posted: April 12, 2021 | Author: Sayre Davis | Read Time: 3 minutes

 Criminal justice major at SUUCriminal justice is a rapidly developing career field. Every country in the world needs employees in this field and that need will never fade. As technology has been advancing in the civilian world the technology in the criminal justice world is also advancing.

Here we will discuss brand new technologies almost only used in the criminal justice realm. However, we will not talk about how civilian apps and technology such as social media are being used in law enforcement, yet they are essential to be aware of if you are considering and studying this topic. The few we will discuss are the online cloud systems, new detection abilities, advances in DNA testing, pre-crime technology, improved protection, and artificial intelligence.

Online Cloud Systems

One of the most effective advances in the criminal justice system is the development of online cloud systems which share information with other employees, as well as other cities and states in an instant. The old way of writing everything down and storing it in files is becoming less commonplace.

Having the ability to exchange information quickly, speeds up both the time to catch criminals and limits the number of unsolved cases. Many professionals believe that this is a reason why the U.S. crime rate is at the lowest it has been since 1960. These databases are also bolstered up by the advancement in the info that is collected in them such as DNA testing.

DNA Testing

The development of DNA testing has changed the way that the industry operates. DNA was once not available to help with crimes which left many cases unsolved. Now that this is commonplace advances in DNA testing are coming quick.

One of the main advances in DNA testing is the ability to extract DNA from sources that have been otherwise difficult due to contamination issues. One of the most significant cases that featured the new features in DNA testing was a case in Arizona. In this case, the suspect was partially convicted due to seeds left in his car being identified as a plant near the burial of the body through DNA testing of the plant.

Detection Abilities

One of the most important steps for law enforcement to do their job well is the ability to identify and detect crimes sooner than later. For example, one of the most used systems is gunshot detection technology. This technology uses connected sensors on one main network to recognize gunshots, make sure they are real, and alert the police about them quickly. This technology has made it possible for law enforcement officers to respond to violent crimes including gunshots in a fast and effective way rather than waiting for someone to call 911 to respond. Having the ability to detect crimes as they happen instead of after is essential.

Improved Protection

The need to protect law enforcement officers is a growing concern due to civilian technologies progressing including in the field of firearms and other weapons. One of the fastest-growing and used improved protection is the “smart belt”. The smart belt has a system that alerts dispatch and other officers if a gun, or other tool, is drawn out of the belt. This tool would allow faster backup, allowing officers to have safer exchanges as well as to be protected by lawsuits and other things.

Artificial Intelligence

In law enforcement, the most commonly found artificial intelligence (AI) is built into the databases they use. These AIs compare crimes, past criminal records, locations, license plates, and much more to try and help law enforcement pinpoint criminals. Many of this artificial intelligence is becoming more effective and helpful.

The criminal justice system is changing and becoming more adaptive to the current world. With advances like online cloud systems, new detection abilities, advances in DNA testing, improved protection, and artificial intelligence, the criminal justice system is more effective and efficient than ever.

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