How to Prepare for Online Finals

Posted: April 23, 2021 | Author: Sayre Davis | Read Time: 4 minutes

how to prepare for online finalsAs we are in the throes of finals here at Southern Utah University students are getting ready and taking the steps to be successful on their tests. Many students have their own techniques and tricks to get them ready for their finals, including those below.

Taking finals online is a different experience and may require additional prep. Many online courses use proctoring programs or make your record yourself taking the test. Knowing how to navigate this experience is essential as well, along with looking over the testing procedures, using study guides, setting apart your quiet space. Use the tips below that appeal to you to help prepare for your online finals.

Looking Over Testing Procedures

One of the main things that will allow you to succeed is knowing what your testing procedure consists of. There is a wide range of different procedures that professors use, including using a proctoring program, such as Proctorio. These programs take a second to get used to so make sure you test it out before using it on your final.

Another thing to look out for is the materials that are allowed to be used. Make sure to be aware of these so you can get the most help on the test possible. Try to find all the information on the testing procedure so you can make sure you have all the tools necessary at your disposal.

Use Study Guides

A helpful tool that can completely flip your score on its head is the use of a study guide if the teacher provides one. A study guide allows you completely aware of the material you need to know to succeed in the final test. Many teachers at SUU provide these for students, including online courses.

These study guides also give you the ability to get familiar with the way the questions will be presented which can give you an upper hand on your test. If you are given a study guide make sure you use it to its full extent.

Find a Quiet Space and Time

Taking a test online can be tricky due to distractions and different variables that surround you at home. Making sure you have a set-apart time and place to not be distracted will be a huge benefit to you and your grades. This space can be anywhere but be sure you are alone and able to focus for a long period of time. Setting aside the time to really focus on your assignment can really change your results. Make sure you find this time and space for you to succeed.

Get Familiar with the Test Format

As we discussed earlier, getting to know what kind of questions will be on your final will be essential to your success. A good tool to allow yourself to become familiar with this is the study guide. Many of the time study guides are in a similar format to your final, giving you an upper hand on what to be prepared for.

A major thing to look out for is essay questions and what they will be about. These questions are usually worth more than the typical question which makes them important to be prepared for. Knowing how many questions you have on the test and the length of time you have for the exam will also greatly impact your results. Before taking any test just make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.

Start Early

The last bit of advice a fellow SUU student can offer to another is to start early. Procrastinating can really send you in a tailspin of anxiety and unpreparedness. Making sure you have ample time to study and finish the exam will be essential and the best way to do this is to start early. Make sure you know your schedule and what you need to do to get your assignments done early.


As you prepare to take your online finals, remember this may be a completely is a different experience than you’ve had in the past. Be prepared with testing procedures, study guides, and a quiet space. Good luck!

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