Working Full-time in College is Possible With SUU Online

Posted: October 20, 2021 | Author: Sayre Davis | Read Time: 3 minutes

How online students work during collegeWhy do you think working goes hand in hand with SUU Online? It's simple, an online student is not limited by time or geography. You can work at your own pace, take classes on the side and make money to pay for tuition! All this makes it possible to have a fulfilling career while still completing your degree. At SUU Online, we know that there are many factors that go into choosing the right school and we hope talking about what we offer you in the world of working while attending school will make that decision easier.

  • You can work full-time while still pursuing your degree
  • Your employer may pay for part or all of your tuition so you don't have to take out loans
  • You can choose from a variety of courses for those who want or need greater flexibility.

You Can Work Full-Time While Still Pursuing Your Degree

One of the top advantages of pursuing a degree and taking the online path is the ability to work while attending school. Many students have a hard time holding a job while taking on a full class load. This is not surprising considering the time to accomplish both individually let alone combined.

If you are taking a full class load on campus it equals about 40 hours a week. Then you add a full-time job, and another 40 hours throughout the week, and it can be challenging to accomplish both. However, if you take online courses you are able to reduce the class load, which allows you to have a much better chance at balancing both.

Your Employer May Pay For Part or All of Your Education

Another advantage to having the ability to work while attending school is the opportunity for employers to give tuition assistance. Many companies, like Walmart and Target, are offering full-tuition help to all employees. With more and more companies taking this same path in offering tuition assistance it is becoming a more convincing option to work while attending college and online is the better option for that.

The Time You Work Can Be Dictated By You

When you are working on your degree it is always helpful to have your own time schedule. This enables you to find time to work while also balancing your academics and home life. When working to start your career it is always helpful to have an open, flexible schedule and Southern Utah University Online allows you to do this.

Online Programs Offer Greater Flexibility

Regardless of your degree, it is a great idea to pursue an online option because of the flexibility offered. This flexibility ranges from due dates, talking to professors, and the time you can work on assignments. Another difference when it comes to online college vs in-person is the ability to have all our materials with you at all times.


If you’re looking for a way to get ahead in your career, going back to school might be the answer. With SUU’s online programs, you can work full-time while still pursuing your degree and have access to evening courses that fit into any schedule. Plus, employers may pay for part or all of tuition so it costs nothing out of pocket! What are you waiting for?

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