Why Your Professor Wears a Mask in Class

Posted: November 01, 2021 | Author: Southern Utah University | Read Time: 3 minutes

Why your professor wears a mask in classWhile masks are not required at Southern Utah University, the University still highly recommends all students, faculty, staff and campus visitors to wear a mask in all campus buildings and at events.
Masks prevent the spread of COVID-19 to others and enhance your protection from variants, even if you are vaccinated. It’s on each of us to do our part to keep each other safe and healthy.

Dr. Lynn White, professor of psychology

“Even though I am fully vaccinated, I might still contract the virus, pass it on to others, and become a host for the virus to mutate within. Beyond this, wearing a mask sets an example for others. It is a temporary solution for what I hope will become a long-term fix.”

Chandrayee Chatterjee, lecturer of economics

“I teach economics. One of the fundamentals we teach is the principle of externalities; how someone's action can affect more than just themselves. I choose to wear a mask for my health and for the positive externality aspect so that it reduces the likelihood of me spreading any infection among my students/colleagues, especially those who are immunocompromised, have loved ones who have comorbidities or children who cannot be vaccinated. I wish others wore masks too because of the same logic that the minor inconvenience of wearing a mask can help others be and feel safe.”

Rosalyn Eves, assistant professor of English

“I have people I care deeply about who are immunocompromised and have been at high risk during the pandemic. I wear a mask (and got vaccinated) because I feel that wearing a mask is a sign of caring for more vulnerable people in our communities. Plus, we know that masks work! Last year, when we had a mask mandate, there were very few COVID transmissions on SUU's campus, and in the wider school community, not only did masks limit COVID spread, but there were remarkably few cases of other highly transmissible viruses, like RSV and strep. But mostly, to me, wearing a mask signifies that I care about my students and the members of my community.”

Dr. Helen Boswell-Taylor, associate professor of biology

“I have a chronic cough thanks to long-COVID, and I don't want to cough on anyone! Also, last year masks were extremely effective because everyone on campus wore one. Even though we don't have a mandate, we are still in a high transmission status, and I want to model considerate behavior for my students.”

Brianna Kramer, assistant professor of teacher education

“I will continue to wear a mask in the classroom until our transmission rate is low. It’s important to model appropriate behavior for students and others, in addition to being one of the best immediate ways that we can stop the spread of the virus.”

John Meisner, assistant professor of teacher education

“I think it's responsible for all of us to do all that we can to keep from spreading this virus to each other. We never know who else is vulnerable in their lives.”


As you attend classes and events this semester, consider wearing a mask to help protect yourself and others from COVID-19.

SUU continues to monitor the situation and will follow all state and local requirements and standards. Updates on the COVID-19 response and guidelines for the campus community can be found at suu.edu/coronavirus.

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