How to Give a Video Presentation in an Online Class

Posted: June 29, 2022 | Author: Sayre Davis | Read Time: 2 minutes

How to Give a Presentation in an Online ClassFor online college, one of the many assignments you will complete is the classic speech or presentation on a certain subject. Doing a speech in front of a class has its own challenges, but so does presenting over a video call or a recording. Southern Utah University has many resources to help you complete your presentation successfully through the Speech & Presentation Center. Listed below are three quick ways to improve your presentation skills.

How to Give a Video Presentation in an Online Class

Choose the Correct Video Platform

Depending on the desired outcome, figuring out what platform you will use is absolutely crucial in your presentation. Some of the main platforms commonly used are Zoom, Google, and a video recording uploaded on canvas. Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages. For video chat platforms like Zoom and Google, you can actively change your style based on the audience's reactions. However, since the presentation will be live, you’ll have less room for error. Uploading a pre-recorded video to Canvas allows you to give the presentation a few times, letting you choose the best take. No matter which platform you choose, SUU will help you do your best!

Stay on Topic and Focus on Your Audience

One of the most important things to remember when giving a presentation, whether in-person or online, is to stay on target. Meaning that when you are giving your presentation, make sure that everything you say is useful to the audience and is focused on them. One way to accomplish this is to read through your speech/presentation a few times before presenting and ask yourself if every sentence applies to your audience. This will allow you to make your presentations and speeches more meaningful to your audience.

Take Your Time to Brainstorm and Prepare

Take your time and make sure you do the video correctly. Knowing that you have an outline is immensely helpful in calming your nerves. When there is a plan in place, your ability to have a more successful presentation rises exponentially. Knowing what you are going to accomplish is essential to having confidence in front of a camera. Pro-tip: before your presentation, make sure you can get focused and prepare–it’ll help in the outcome of your performance!

Many classes will require you to give these presentations, and making sure you are prepared to do so can be a great asset. Using these three simple and effective ways to enhance your presentation skills takes very little time and effort, but can make all the difference!

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