Five Things You Should Put on Your Resume

Posted: October 18, 2022 | Author: Kate Lyons | Read Time: 3 minutes

ResumeWe all know about the importance of first impressions. When searching for a job, your resume is the first thing hiring managers and hiring committees will see about you. Southern Utah University’s Career and Professional Development Center offers a solid foundation on how to compose your resume, cover letter, and reference list. Here are a few additions to make if you are wondering what to put on your resume as a college student.

Five Things You Should Put on Your Resume

Volunteer Work

Those without years of professional experience or expertise will significantly benefit from listing volunteer work on their resume. This is also crucial for those who are looking to get into another field of work. All volunteer work should be listed below your job experience and follow the same chronological format. If it’s highly relevant to the job you are applying for, elaborate on your accomplishments as you would with a previous job and those job duties. If it’s not relevant, still list the experience, but summarize your accomplishments in one short sentence.

Job-Specific Skills

It’s a great idea to list the real-world skills you have that you’ve learned beyond the walls of attending college. These are skills such as adaptability, customer service, computer literacy, creativity, multitasking, time management, positivity, work ethic, or speaking a language. These are all skills that can sometimes be learned in the classroom but that you’ve developed throughout life or skills that you have naturally. You should list these skills below your professional and volunteer experience.

Additional Training

Attending college offers a wide array of skills and experiences that are hard to acquire elsewhere. However, additional training in a specific area of interest will always benefit you. If you’ve acquired training or certificates outside the classroom, you’ll want to list them! These can be mandatory training at your current job or certificates you’ve earned in class. If you’re looking for additional training, check out places like LinkedIn Learning or sign up for an internship through the Career and Professional Development Center. You can also check out the SUU Institutional Certificates and Badges. List these below your professional experience and educational history.

Community Education

You can increase your chances of standing out through your resume by adding any community education classes you’ve attended. They’re also something to consider if you plan on a career move in the next couple of years. The Community and Professional Development department offers professional and workforce development, leadership, and educational travel resources. Skills in leadership, photography, American Sign Language, and more could be just what you need to make a fabulous first impression. Any of the community education courses you’ve completed will have its own heading and go after your educational history and any training or certification you have.

Tech and Trade

SUU has partnered with Southwest Technical College to offer community education. Pairing your formal education with technical or trade skills is a surefire way to get your resume recognized. Whether you’re looking to add knowledge and skills in industrial trades, marketing, business, public safety, health and wellness, or technology, mixing it up can positively impact your future career. Any additional training or certification should have its own heading and be listed after your educational experience.


Whether you’re looking at volunteering, professional development, or community education, you should add all relevant information and experience to your resume. As a student at SUU, work with the Career and Professional Development Center on your resume and let them know you want to add your additional skills. Don’t be afraid to show off what you have to offer! Doing so may help you snag the coveted position you’ve been looking for.

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