What Can I Do With a Graphic Design Degree?

Posted: February 14, 2023 | Author: Abbie Cochrane | Read Time: 5 minutes

Graphic DesignPicasso and Van Gogh never imagined that future artists would be able to create masterpieces on a canvas that didn’t physically exist. No paints, no brushes, just a computer. Through digital and graphic design, students at Southern Utah University can design art digitally. While art has been a part of history since the dawn of time, digital art and graphic design platforms haven’t even breached fifty years of use. So what exactly can you do with a graphic design degree? Here’s all you need to know.

After earning a degree in graphic design, graduates have gone on to fulfill successful careers in a myriad of fields. As technology advances, more and more companies are seeking out accomplished graphic designers to market their products, advertise their brands, and make some really cool projects.

Graphic Design Jobs

These are some jobs in high demand for graphic design graduates.

Art director

An art director is usually the head of a project that uses different images or elements to communicate a message. They are the ones with the vision for the early stages of design development. They can be in charge of the art layout in many different mediums; movies and television, magazines, newspapers, packaging, etc. Designers on the team are usually managed and given direction by the art director.


You may have seen an illustrator’s work in children’s books when you were younger, but illustrators create art for more than just books. Illustrators are the creative minds behind the designs of your favorite comic books, graphic novels, magazines, birthday and greeting cards, film and television posters, ads, and so much more! Every design you see was probably created by an illustrator!

Creative director

As marketing specialists, creative directors are in charge of a company or business’s advertising efforts. They plan out what goes into advertisements, like the billboards you see on the highway or the web ads you see on the Internet. They design and see through campaigns put out by the company to help promote the brand. Additionally, they come up with brand standards to run by their superiors that reflect the mission and values of the company.

Web designer

Web designers envision, create, and code websites and pages on the Internet, weaving in elements such as graphics, videos, clipart, sound, etc. This can be done when starting a website from scratch, or adding to an existing website. There are lots of skills that coexist with web design and graphic design, such as the ability to utilize different types of software, understand aspects of digital and visual design, and know how to access and manage technology.

UX designer

Also known as a User Experience designer, this job requires great people skills and equally strong graphic design skills. They meet with clients to discuss their needs and gather information about their requirements for building their brand website digital presence so they can reach their target audience. From sketching an idea out on paper to finishing a project and writing a report about work results, UX designers are constantly working to make brand websites more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, as well as depicting an accurate representation of the brand or company.

Product designer

Knowledge of graphic design is useful when taking into account the 3D aspect of product design. Product designers work to invent practical and visually appealing products for companies in order to collect profit. From a sketch on paper to a digital rendition of the product, product designers require extensive amounts of creativity and understanding of consumer behavior to see a project through to completion.


While many people think that photography is as simple as snapping a picture with their phone camera, professional photographers have a bit more fiber to their job. Graphic designers make excellent photographers because they have a great eye for detail when it comes to lighting, symmetry, creative aspects, and aesthetically pleasing images. They can also utilize their skills in photo software when editing pictures for magazines, ads, etc.

Sales representative

While most sales representatives advocate for the brand or company and their respective products, sales representatives with backgrounds in graphic design can also be the ones helping to create the images that make a product aesthetically pleasing to the consumer. Having that connection to the product or service in addition to connecting with the customer can help increase sales and gather profit for the company.

These positions are just scratching the surface of what you can do with a degree in graphic design.

As you progress through your education as a graphic design student, you will learn about the graphic design that surrounds you in the world you live in; on magazines, movie posters, cereal boxes, etc. You will learn about the history of graphic design and its evolution into contemporary mediums with technology. In taking classes that will help you learn new design techniques and implement those skills into real-world applications, you will be fully prepared to enter the design world after graduation. You will even put together a professional portfolio showcasing your printed and interactive work.

Earn a Graphic Design Degree at SUU

SUU’s Department of Art and Design has received national accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. This honor entails that the program is among a handful of higher education institutions in the nation that place value on the quality of education and real-world application of course content.

Start pursuing your design dreams today with SUU’s Department of Art and Design as a graphic design major. And if a graphic design degree isn’t your Plan A, you can also add a graphic design minor to your major.

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