Why You Should Start Using SUUConnect

Posted: February 13, 2023 | Author: Hayley Radle | Read Time: 3 minutes

Students at Southern Utah UniversitySouthern Utah University recently launched SUUConnect, an all-in-one platform for students to seek out job and internship opportunities, develop useful career skills, gain insight into careers, connect with other students and alumni, and more. But what exactly is SUUConnect, and why should you use it? Here’s a look into what you can do with the platform that universities like Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley, Utah State, Auburn, BYU, and more are using to progress through their academic journey.

Why Should You Sign Up For SUUConnect?

Network and Find a Mentor

A large part of SUU’s success comes from alumni, and that doesn’t stop with SUUConnect; students are able to reach out to alumni of their choosing to be their mentor and ask for advice, direction, and guidance about topics that relate to their interests towards a future career. To decide who would be a good fit for you, easily search through alumni profiles to learn what their majors were, the work they are doing now, and the current skills they possess. Alumni and students can also join groups, for example within their specific colleges, to stay connected with similar people, network, and form mentor relationships.

Participate in Pathways

Along with the ability to collaborate and network within a robust SUU community, you also have access to pathways, which are essentially step-by-step mini courses to guide and navigate you through your professional journey. All you need to do to get started is choose a topic you find interesting or aligns with your studies, after which you’ll be walked through a short module with video commentary before being asked questions related to the skills you’ll be learning. What you learn from finishing these pathways is meant to help you obtain and apply knowledge from those subjects, which will in turn be beneficial to your educational and professional pursuits and useful for both your resume and career development.

Search for Careers and Internships

SUUConnect works with Handshake to help students find employment opportunities, making it easy for students to look for jobs or internships since they already have access to it. When signing up for SUUConnect, you will be able to select certain interests and motivations for what drives you, which will then recommend positions that could be a good fit to you. Even better, alumni can become referrals on your job applications, making you stand out among other candidates.

How to Sign Up for SUUConnect

Now that you know a little more about SUUConnect and have heard the ways it can help you, here’s an easy step-by-step guide to getting started.

  1. Go to suu.peoplegrove.com, click “Sign In”, then “Continue with SSO” to sign in through your SUU portal.
  2. Next, you will be asked to select your interests and things you enjoy to be matched with alumni mentors who share similar interests.
  3. Your account is made! Now, you’ll gain full access to the hub of all SUUConnect’s features, including a community to connect with alumni, resources and advice for certain career pathways, career path suggestions, plus everything else previously mentioned.

SUUConnect is a great platform that dives deep into areas of concern that many students deal with throughout their time during college, such as finding jobs or knowing the right resources to help them throughout their degree. Hundreds of T-birds already signed up within the first month of its launch, and the number only keeps growing as it allows more people to help each other along their journeys, so join them by signing up and creating your profile to start taking advantage of the benefits that come from using it.

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