Why get a master’s degree in Arts Administration?

Posted: July 18, 2023 | Author: Elliani Bailey | Read Time: 3 minutes

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SUU’s two Arts Administration degree tracks are for graduate students, or those looking to get their master’s degree after already completing their bachelor’s degree. But why get a master’s degree? Of course, you want to know if the time and money you will put into a graduate degree is worth it.

Why a Master’s Degree?

A master’s degree gives you the opportunity to hone old skills and develop new ones, including soft skills like communication and leadership. There is also the added bonus that you will probably be paid more in your current or future position. Finally, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the number of occupations that require a master’s degree is increasing significantly. 

Why Choose Arts Administration? 

Many people want to be involved in the arts, but are worried about becoming a starving artist. The best way to assuage your fears (and the fears of your partner, parents or concerned best friend) is to be creative and look outside the box. An arts administration degree is a great way to do that. 

Getting an advanced degree allows artists to continue doing what they love, while enjoying better job security. Many of SUU’s students are passionate about their art and are using that same passion to keep the arts alive, by advocating and working to engage others. 

Master of Fine Arts in Arts Administration

A terminal degree, the MFA track is an intensive, hands-on, two year course of study in a conservatory format, which means it is focused on high artistic achievement with plenty of hands-on opportunities. It is a great option for those concerned with mastering their craft. The curriculum is 60 credits, and students complete their courses in-person with their cohort. The track includes graduate assistantships to provide students with real-world experience in their desired concentration. 

Many of SUU’s students have recently earned their bachelor’s degrees and come from all around the world with a variety of backgrounds in the arts. Some are looking to further their experience before entering the professional world. Other students have already started their careers, but are looking to expand their knowledge and tools. With SUU’s graduate assistantships, students are valued staff members at either the Southern Utah Museum of Art or the Tony Award-winning Utah Shakespeare Festival. 

Learn more about the MFA track.

All assistantships provide concrete experience for SUU students. The demands of the MFA program make it unwise for students to maintain full-time or part-time employment during their schooling. 

Master of Arts in Arts Administration

This completely online master’s degree track is designed for those who are currently working or have other obligations, but want to get a master’s degree. It is 36 credits in all, and most students complete the track in two years. The professors are aware that their students are not just students, but are employees and family members. The courses are designed for students to blend their homework with their everyday lives so that students can maximize their time and efforts.

We have a variety of students in this track: students from all across the nation with different backgrounds and experiences in the arts. Many times, students are well-entrenched in their careers, but find they want to learn more about essential tools to work in their current career. 

For example, we have stage managers who want to grow into executive directors of a theater company, but aren’t sure how to make that transition. We have art teachers who know how to run their classroom, but not the gallery that they are expected to run after school. We have people in education positions for their local dance company, who want to learn more about how to better market their specific brand. 

There are plenty of students who recently graduated with their bachelor’s degree as well. These students have the chance to create meaningful projects that prepare them for their career while still being flexible. Learn more about the MA track.

Which track is right for you? 

If you think a masters degree in art administration sounds like the next step in your education or career then, visit the SUU Arts Administration page. Or speak to a recruiter, so you can discuss your particular situation.

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