Abbreviations and Acronyms to Know For Your First Day at SUU

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SUU student looks at a campus map.

New place, new school, new lingo. College acronyms and abbreviations can be very intimidating to new students. Reading campus maps and finding classrooms can be a real challenge with so many similarities and differences in building and college acronyms. Here is all the information new students need to clear the air.

Student Life Acronyms

  • ACES: Assistant Coaches for Excellence and Success, are peer-mentors that serve every first-year student at SUU. They can be found in The Nest, located in the Sharwan Smith Student Center (ST 178).
  • STIL: Student Involvement and Leadership Office, exists to help all students get involved, make connections, and develop the leadership skills necessary to succeed beyond the classroom and after college.
  • SUUSA: Southern Utah University Student Association, includes the student body president, Executive Council, and Student Senate, as well as budget and financial and judicial branches and is a part of the STIL office.
  • CAPS: Counseling and Psychological Services, offers individual and group counseling, biofeedback, and psychological assessments free for students.
  • HOPE Pantry: SUU HOPE (Helping Our People Eat) Pantry provides essential food and toiletry items to both SUU and Southwest Technical College students.
  • CDI: Center for Diversity and Inclusion, exists to facilitate the inclusive shared learning experiences of students where all can engage in dialogue, challenge barriers and build collaborative relationships.
  • A.P.E.X. Events: The Ask Ponder Educate X Events program brings exciting experts across all disciplines to campus to discuss the broad spectrum of thoughts, ideas, disciplines, backgrounds and cultural themes that can be showcased and shared
  • FYE: The First Year Experience and Orientation program located within the Student Help Center “The Nest” (ST 178) at SUU provides each incoming student with valuable, personalized attention from the moment they commit to SUU until they complete their first year.
  • SUTV: SUTV-9 is a T-Bird run news station that broadcasts through SUU facilities. SUTV operates on TDS cable channel 9 and serves the Cedar City area. These locally produced programs are also streamed on YouTube Live.
  • IIC: The Intergovernmental Internship Cooperative is a partnership between Southern Utah University, and various organizations including businesses, foundations, nonprofits, and Native American tribes. This partnership has developed challenging internship opportunities for SUU students. 

SUU College Abbreviations

Building Abbreviations

These are the abbreviations you will see next to course descriptions and on the campus map:

  • AL: J. Reuben Clark Center
  • AU: Auditorium
  • BB: Bennion Building
  • BC: R.C. Braithwaite Liberal Arts Center
  • BH: Bristlecone Hall
  • BUS: Dixie Leavitt Business Building
  • CA: Carter Carillon
  • CC: R. Haze Hunter Alumni Center
  • CD: Shakespeare Child Care Center
  • CDL: Child Development Center
  • CMT: Center for Music Technology
  • ED: Emma Eccles Jones Education Building
  • ELC: Electronic Learning Center
  • ELL: Eccles Living and Learning Center (Housing Administration)
  • EVT: America First Events Center
  • GC: General Classroom Building
  • GEO: Geoscience Building
  • HC: J.D. & Alice C. Harris Center
  • JT: Randall L. Jones Theatre
  • LEC: Leadership Engagement Center
  • LIB: Gerald R. Sherratt Library
  • MA: Southern Utah Museum of Art
  • MC: Multipurpose Center
  • MT: Fleet/Parking Services, Post Office, Receiving
  • MU: Music Center
  • OM: Old Main
  • PD: SUU Police Department
  • PEB: J.L. Sorenson Physical Education Building
  • RCC: Rocky Mountain Power Challenge Course
  • SC: Science Center
  • SCA: L.S. & Aline W. Skaggs Center for Health & Molecular Sciences
  • SH: South Hall
  • SM: Eccles Coliseum (the stadium)
  • SPC: Sports Performance Center
  • ST: Sharwan Smith Student Center
  • TH: Engineering & Technology
  • UCS: University Campus Services Building
  • USF: Utah Shakespeare Festival

New students should keep an eye out for ACES and SUU Staff for help navigating campus. They wear red shirts or reflective vests, carry big signs, and are happy to help!

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