How to Participate in Homecoming as an SUU Alumni

Posted: September 12, 2023 | Author: Abbie Cochrane | Read Time: 4 minutes

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Homecoming season may commonly be directed toward current students, but there are still plenty of opportunities for Southern Utah University alumni to participate in Homecoming Week. With many activities, events and other ways to support T-Bird Nation, Homecoming Week at SUU is something that current and former students can enjoy. Here are eight things that alumni and the whole family can do to make the most out of the tradition-filled week that brings T-Birds from all over back to the nest. 

Wear Red

Whether you’re local in Cedar City, or anywhere in the world, show support for the Thunderbirds by wearing red every Friday! Head to the SUU Bookstore to purchase the latest trends in Thunderbird fashion, or go online!

Forever Red

Even though the tradition was started in 2011, alumni of any and all generations are welcome to participate in this night of music and school spirit! Head out to the Upper Quad to hear live music, see fireworks, and experience the community surrounding the Thunderbirds. This event is completely free of charge–learn more about Forever Red!

Help at the SUU Pancake Breakfast

On the last day of homecoming week, SUU Emeriti (retired SUU faculty and staff) and the SUU Alumni & Student Alumni Association come together and put their pancake-flipping skills to the test by flipping about 1,000 pancakes for student, alum, and Emeriti attendees. Enjoy a delicious breakfast, mingle with friends and secure a great spot to watch the homecoming parade.

Head to the Homecoming Parade

This event is the perfect opportunity to welcome back former and current students to SUU. Taking place on Saturday directly following the pancake breakfast, the parade heads down University Boulevard, displaying floats put together by SUU clubs and organizations. These groups compete for one of four cash prizes and titles; Best Themed Float, Best Overall Float, Most Enthusiastic, and Most Creative Float. Whether participating in the parade as a participant or spectator, it’s a great way to get involved in this high-energy school spirit event.

Go to a Homecoming Game

You can’t celebrate homecoming without attending an athletic event! A favorite of T-Birds past and present, homecoming games are a chance to show off SUU spirit. Face painting isn’t required, but it certainly adds to the fun. Additionally, SUU’s stellar mascot, Thor the Thunderbird is at nearly every game and is available to take selfies to preserve the memory. Be sure to sing the SUU Fight song and participate in the Thunder Train at the game!

Go On a Statue Stroll

There are commemorative statues located all over campus, highlighting those great minds who paved the way in education, science, history, literature, the arts and more. Stroll around the Centurium to see figures such as Galileo, Marie Curie, Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci, Germaine de Staël, Albert Einstein and more. These men and women are held in high respect to this day for their contributions to education, which is why they stand surrounding a statue commemorating SUU’s treasured motto, “Learning Lives Forever.”

Head over to the theaters used during the Utah Shakespeare Festival’s yearly season to see beloved characters from the works of William Shakespeare brought to life in bronze casting. Lady Macbeth, Juliet, Hamlet, King Lear, Henry V, and even the Bard himself are among the statues located behind the Engelstad theater. Not to mention that a statue of Titania, Queen of the Fairies from A Midsummer Night’s Dream can also be found at the entrance of the Randall L. Jones Theater.

Kitty corner from the statues of the Bard’s beloved characters is the Beverley Center statue garden, full of abstract and artistic sculptures that are sure to please the eye and the mind.

Nellie the Pioneer girl, the statue of Sharwan Smith in the Student Center and the famous horse Old Sorrel are some of the other famous statues to be sought out–be sure to give Sharwan Smith’s statue a high-five in passing! Not to mention there are many other statues located around campus! Find a detailed description of where to find them.

Not only is the Statue Stroll a chance to check off an item on the Tradition Keeper checklist, but it is also a great opportunity to connect with the rich history of SUU, as well as contribute to its legacy. What better time to revel in the history of the university than the season of homecoming–when all the T-Birds come back to the nest where learning lives forever?

These are only a few of the homecoming week traditions that SUU alumni can get involved with on their old stomping grounds. SUU is grateful for all the support from dedicated alumni throughout the years. Learn more about SUU Traditions and homecoming week.

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