Why Aviation Companies Should Invest in Education Benefits for Employees

Posted: September 18, 2023 | Author: Martina Istrefi | Read Time: 3 minutes

Aviation instructor and student talking in front of an airplane.

Like many other industries, aviation is desperately hungry for a qualified and reliable workforce. Between the COVID pandemic and an exodus of retiring pilots and professionals, the industry is seeing a lot of employee turnover.

But according to Aviation Business Insider, aviation company leaders have some tools they can leverage to boost their employee quality and quantity. One of those levers is an education benefit, such as those offered by several household-name retailers and restaurants to their employees.

Offering something like tuition reimbursement to employees who pursue a college degree (such as an online Aviation Administration degree from SUU) can be a valuable investment for an aviation organization.

Here’s why.

Attraction and Retention

One of the most important things an education benefit can do is to help attract and retain top talent. An aviation administration degree can open up career advancement opportunities for employees. And offering tuition reimbursement can be a powerful incentive for individuals considering a career in the aviation industry.

Additionally, offering tuition reimbursement can also help retain current employees by providing them with opportunities for professional development and career growth.

Improve Company Performance

Along with attracting top talent, an education benefit can improve the overall performance of the company. By investing in the education and development of its employees, an aviation company can improve the skills and knowledge of its workforce. Knowledgeable employees can increase efficiency, improve customer service and increase safety compliance.

With a better-educated workforce, aviation employees will be better equipped to handle challenges, troubleshoot problems, and improve overall company performance.

Comply with Industry Regulations

Better-educated employees can also help the company stay compliant with industry regulations. The aviation industry is heavily regulated, and employees must be aware of the latest rules and best practices.

In addition to company-provided training, an Aviation Administration degree can provide employees with the knowledge they need to stay compliant while maintaining the safety and security of the company's operations.

Employee Development While Working

Offering an education benefit allows employees to study and advance their careers while still working – so employees don’t have to choose between their job and school.

Enabling employees to pursue education while working incentivizes employees to stick with their employer rather than leave for education. This is beneficial for the company because they can keep experienced staff members while they learn and advance, rather than having to replace them with new hires.

Relevant online degree programs also allow for more flexibility for employees who may have busy schedules and need help to attend traditional on-campus classes.

As you can see, offering tuition reimbursement to employees pursuing college degrees helps both the employees and the company. It can help attract and retain top talent, improve the overall performance of the company, and ensure compliance with aviation industry regulations while allowing employees to advance their skills while still working. This kind of investment can ultimately lead to a better-educated, more efficient, and more productive workforce.

If your company is looking for an educational provider to partner with, consider the aviation programs at Southern Utah University. This program offers an online Aviation Administration bachelor’s degree as well as on-campus programs for professional pilots and aviation maintenance technicians.

A growing number of organizations are also choosing SUU Online’s ultra-low-cost Speedway | Bachelor of General Studies program as a preferred education pathway for their employees’ tuition benefit offerings. Learn more about Speedway by contacting Online Admissions at SUU.

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