Benefits of Applying to College at the Beginning of Your Senior Year

Posted: October 06, 2023 | Author: Clare-Estelle Perkins | Read Time: 2 minutes

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College is a big step and knowing where and when to start can be a challenge. Depending on a student’s preferences and where they intend to apply this process will vary. A good and reliable rule of thumb is the earlier the better for college applications. This makes the beginning of your senior year of high school the perfect time to get them finished. 

Here are a few reasons why it’s beneficial to apply for college as early as you can. 

1. Scholarships 

Applying earlier ensures that the student will meet deadlines for scholarship consideration. At Southern Utah University, academic scholarships are awarded until March 1 with a priority deadline of December 1 for the largest scholarship. Many schools have similar priority deadlines during the late fall months, often with the requirement of having already applied or been accepted to the school. 

October has been deemed "Utah College Application Month.” This means that throughout October, many of the schools in Utah waive application fees so students can submit their applications completely free of charge. At SUU, students from the United States can apply anytime without having to pay an application fee. Apply to attend SUU. 

 2. More Options

Students should be applying for college early in their Senior year so they have time to narrow down their options. Applying early also allows students time to visit the campuses of their top choices. Visiting campus is the best way to understand if you will fit into the culture of that particular school. Schedule a tour of SUU campus. 

 3. Time to Prepare

By applying earlier rather than later, students can ensure that they have more time to either find housing or otherwise prepare for college. Different colleges and universities set their own application requirements, which means that some require additional supplemental materials. Many schools require letters of recommendation which require students to coordinate with teachers, mentors, coaches, etc. Some college programs also require interviews or portfolio submissions depending on your major. These additions take time. It's much better to get started with enough time before deadlines to gather everything needed for the best application. View SUU admissions requirements and the new student checklist

Starting college is a big and often challenging change, and starting the application process early can set students off on the right foot. Getting organized and applying at the beginning of their senior year can help students stay ahead of the curve and feel confident and prepared for college life.

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