What is a Master of Science in Sports Conditioning and Performance?

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An athletic trainer works with the Thunderbird football team to make sure they can play safely and perform their best.

Is your dream to become a personal trainer, a sports coach or a physical therapist? Obtaining a master’s degree in sports conditioning and performance may be just the right track for you.

Let’s take a look at what a Master of Science in Sports Conditioning and Performance entails:

What is a Master of Sports Conditioning and Performance?

The Master of Science in Sports Conditioning and Performance (MSSCP) program follows an innovative approach to meet the needs of coaches, physical educators, personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists, athletic trainers and other fitness professionals.

How is the MSSCP Program structured?

The master’s program at SUU is completely online, except for the 2-week clinical workshops over a single summer that take place on-campus at SUU. “Despite its online nature, students in the MSSCP program regularly report that they value the personal connections with faculty and other students they develop through the two-week in-person summer clinical workshop. They also value our faculty’s student-centric approach,” said Department Chair Cody Bremner.

The MSSCP program requires 33 credit hours:

  • 18 credits for required courses
  • 12 credits for elective courses
  • 3 credits for a thesis

Required courses include:

  • Foundations of Sport Conditioning
  • Advanced Techniques of Sport Conditioning
  • Designing Resistance Training Programs
  • Resistance Training Technique
  • Evaluation in Sport Fitness
  • Introduction to Sport Science Research and Statistics

Elective courses include:

  • Athletic Training and Sports Medicine
  • Psychological Aspects of Sport Performance and Conditioning
  • Motor Skill Acquisition
  • Bioenergetics and Sport Nutrition
  • Special Topics and Issues

The MSSCP program has potential course pathways designed for those seeking a time-sensitive route to completion. Graduates typically graduate from the MSSCP in 2 years or less. However, there are alternate course pathways over a longer duration to fit better with many of life’s competing time commitments such as your career, family, etc.

A Bonus from SUU

SUU offers a military-grade mental agility training program to its students, staff and faculty that will complement your degree program. While it is not part of the degree program, this free, on-demand course is called Combat Brain Training and is used by professional athletes (including an MLB pitcher, Olympic skier, and pro football players) to optimize their performance. It has also been shown to help in the recovery of brain injuries, like concussions.

As an SUU student, you can access the training for yourself and gain exposure to this valuable and efficient neuroplasticity program that makes a measurable difference for athletes. The Combat Brain Training course is exclusive to SUU, and something you won’t find at any other school.

Why is a MSSCP important?

The MSSCP enables professionals to design safe and effective exercise and conditioning programs. Obtaining this master’s degree is a natural next step for sports and fitness professionals. SUU is the perfect place to begin that step as SUU’s MSSCP Program has been ranked:

  • 2nd best online Sports medicine program by The Intelligent Organization in 2022
  • A top 6 Online Graduate Exercise Science program by The College Affordability Guide in 2022
  • 6th best in the nation Online Sports Medicine program by the College Rank Organization in 2022

Learn more about SUU’s Master of Science in Sports Conditioning and Performance.

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