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SUU Career Academy

Welcome to SUU Career Academy! This program is designed to help you build skills that employers are seeking in college graduates. We want you to be prepared when you graduate college, and that’s why SUU Career Academy exists.

  • SUU Career Academy is incorporated into your on-campus job
  • Get paid to attend weekly workshops that cover a variety of topics
  • Earn digital badges and become T-Bird Ready
  • A program designed to provide you with professional development opportunities to gain skills employers are seeking in college graduates

SUU Career Academy Mission

SUU Career Academy empowers students with the essential skills employers are seeking, ensuring their career-readiness upon graduation. As an integral part of your on-campus job experience, you progress towards achieving T-Bird Ready status, marking your readiness to excel in your future endeavors. SUU Career Academy is committed to equipping you with the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career after college.

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