Career Fair Etiquette

Before the Fair:

  1. Prepare a resume and print several copies on quality resume paper. Have at least two copies of your resume for each company you plan to visit.
  2. Consider having personal business cards with your contact information to give to recruiters during the career fair.
  3. Clarify your goals for the job fair. Expect to initiate contact with recruiters to learn more about jobs and companies that interest you.
  4. Review a list of companies that will be attending.
  5. Identify those companies you plan to talk with and research them.
  6. Prepare a list of at least four questions for each company based on your research. Appropriate questions reveal information about you and your knowledge and interest in the company
  7. Prepare a one-minute commercial to introduce yourself and practice, practice, practice!

    For Example:

    “Good afternoon. I’m Joe Smith. I will graduate this May with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and I am interested in pursuing a career in marketing; specifically in sales. What specific qualities are you looking for in a candidate?  Or, I am completing my Junior year in marketing and would like to know what types of internships your company offers.  What specific qualities are you looking for in a candidate?”  
  8. Dress appropriately – business formal preferred; but no less than business casual.
  9. Be enthusiastic and show your personality!    

During the Fair:

  1. Present your one-minute commercial and resume to companies that interest you.
  2. Make eye contact when introducing yourself and give a firm handshake.
  3. Show interest and enthusiasm in the company – not in their free giveaways!
  4. Demonstrate your knowledge of the company.
  5. Show confidence through your voice and your posture.
  6. Listen carefully to what the representative has to say.
  7. Ask for a business card or write down the representative’s name and contact info.
  8. Bring a portfolio with a writing tablet so you can take notes about the companies. 

Questions You Can Ask:

  1. What goals does your company have for the future?
  2. What kinds of entry level positions exist within your organization?
  3. What does your organization consider the three most important qualities in an employee?
  4. What are the opportunities for advancement within your company?
  5. What made you choose to work for this company?
  6. How long have you been with the company?

After the Fair:

Follow up!
Hand write or email a thank you note about your experience meeting them at the Career Fair and your interest in learning more about the company and possible positions.