Quick Tips to Career Success

Resume Tips:

  • Target every resume using keywords stated in the job add/posting
  • Make sure to pass 15-30 second scan: grammar and presentation
  • Use industry specific terminology
  • Use action verbs
  • Use accomplishment statements instead of "empty statements"
    • Good: Worked 40 hours per week while maintaining a 3.9 GPA
    • Bad: Hard worker
  • Avoiding using "I" or "Me" in  the resume.
  • Use quantitative data when possible
  • Do not use a decorative font or colored paper
  • Avoid paragraphs by using bullet points
  • Brief and easy to read (Recommended 1 page resume for students)

How to Write a Resume

Cover Letter Tips:

  • Use the same header and font as your resume
  • When addressing the receiver try and avoid "To Whom it May Concern"
  • Paragraph one:
    • Seize attention
    • Address specific job you are applying for and where you heard about it
    • Perk interest
  • Paragraph two:
    • Get down to business
    • Mention skills that make you a unique candidate for the job and a good fit for the team
  • Paragraph three:
    • Ask for an interview
    • Always end with your appreciation
  • Sign the cover letter

How to Write a Cover Letter

Interview Tips:

  • Research the position and company in detail (Job duties, culture, mission, etc.)
  • Dress to impress
  • Firm handshake and confidence
  • Keep responses to 1-2 minutes
  • Use the PAR method: P=problem A=action R=results (situational and behavioral questions)
  • When asked to state a weakness, state how you are strengthening your weakness
  • Always have questions to ask at the end of the interview
  • Thank you note within 24 hours

How to Interview

Job Search Tips:

  • Build, develop, manage and maintain relationships with employers early
  • Set realistic job search goals
  • Choose your target employers carefully
  • Know what each employer is looking for and target your search to them
    • Do you have the skills to perform the job?
    • Can they work with you/Are you a good fit for their team?
    • Can you help the employer meet their goals of the position or the company?

How to Job Search Effectively