Recruiting on Campus

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Posting your jobs at SUU is FREE and allows you to advertise to nearly 11,000 students and our extensive network of alumni. 

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Visiting Campus

  • Career Fairs and Events:
    Employer signup and log-in for Fairs
  • Mall Tables:
    Reserve a table in the Student Center on campus and market to students throughout the day. Available up to 3 times a semester per employer. 7 days notice required for all mall table reservations.
    Employer Guidelines - Mall Tables
  • Interviewing on Campus:
    Employers can reserve rooms on campus to interview students.
  • Information Sessions:
    Speak to a group of students by invitation, in a class, or to a club.
  • Customizable opportunities:
    Available through agreement between the Career Center and the Employer.

To schedule any of these events, please contact the Assistant Director - Employer Relations.

Upcoming Events

Why Recruit at SUU?

  • More than 150 undergraduate academic programs 
  • 11,000+ students and growing
  • 100% of students get what most employers say would make them more likely to be hired.
  • "Best in the West" by US News and World Report, Princeton Review
  • SUU has the largest enrollment growth in Utah at 16%
  • SUU has 17 Division One Athletic teams

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"We appreciate the chance to come to your career fair and love meeting your great students, especially the accounting, business management and marketing students. They are top-notch!"
- David Henderson (American National Insurance)

"Deloitte has found that (SUU) Students demonstrate a strong record of academic achievement, interpersonal skills, leadership, and maturity. The quality of the students from SUU is outstanding and the ones that we have hired have proven to be true assets to our organization"
- Jayme Hyatt, Campus Recruiter (Deloitte Services LP)

"We primarily recruit from SUU because the students are ready to hit the ground running when they graduate. The education students receive at SUU gives them the knowledge and experience they need to receive training and begin working right away."
- Gary Keddington (Keddington & Christensen, LLC)