Individual Study Credits

Individual (often also called "Independent") study can be available for students who need a particular course for graduation and a schedule or other conflict necessitates it. Individual studies can also be arranged for students who wish to study particular subject matters under faculty guidance but there is not enough interest by other students to support a full class.

Process to Register for Individual Study Courses

  1. The student meets with the instructor.
  2. The instructor submits the individual study online form.
  3. The student approves the form electronically.
  4. The form is sent to the Department Chair for approval.
  5. The approved form is then forwarded to the Registrar's Office, who registers the student in the course.
  6. The student pays the course fee ($67/credit) at the Cashier's Office in Sharwan Smith 165.
  7. The student has one semester to complete the course, just like another course offered during a semester.

Students interested in completing individual studies should contact their instructors with the appropriate expertise, or the department chair over the course if they do not know the faculty member.