Language Credit:

Option 1

Students who have experience in French, German, or Spanish may earn credit for the lower-division language courses (1010, 1020, 2010, and 2020) by enrolling in an upper-division language course and passing with a "B" or better.

NOTE: Students interested in Spanish must complete either SPAN 3210 or SPAN 3212 in order to receive the lower-division credits. For French and German, any upper-division course will work.

Who Is This Option Best For?

Option 1 works best for students who know French, German, or Spanish and are interested in taking additional coursework. There is no test/exam fee and the upper-division course is part of the regular tuition. Students will also be close to completing a language minor after the upper-division course is done! 

This option also works if you have some language knowledge but not enough to jump right into an upper-division course. You can work with the Languages faculty to determine your placement and still buy the lower-level credits if you pass your placement course with a "B" or better. (For example, you and a faculty member determine it would be best for you to start in FREN 2010. You pass 2010 with a B+, and now you can buy FREN 1010 and 1020 for $6 per credit.)

Total Potential Cost

$96 (for 16 credits of lower-division courses)


Option 2

SUU is able to offer test proctoring for Brigham Young University's Foreign Language Achievement Testing Services (FLATS) program, which allows students to test out of over 50 world languages. Depending on the language, BYU charges $50 (for online exams) or $75 (for a select set of paper exams). SUU Testing Services charges a $25 proctoring fee. 

Who Is This Option Best For?

Option 2 is for students who have different language experience from French, German, or Spanish. It's also a good option for all students who are not interested in any further language study and are able/willing to pay the exam fees.

Total Potential Cost

$196 (16 credits + BYU exam fee + SUU proctoring fee)


Contact Information

No matter which option selected, students should work with the Department of Languages and Philosophy to enroll in an SUU language course or to receive the information on how to register for the BYU FLATS exam.