Community on the Go Traveler: Gaye Christiansen

Kellie Langeliers holding flowers

Travel can connect us with history, which is definitely the case for Gaye Christiansen, a trip participant from SUU’s Community on the Go (COG) Fortress Europe - The Final Victory tour. The trip, which was designed to feature WWII locations, included stops in Munich and Berlin, along with visits to Checkpoint Charlie and Dachau, the first of the Nazi concentration camps. “I was touched by so many things that I learned on this trip. It’s hard to say which site was the most significant, but I had a very tender moment walking through the gardens at Dachau. These gardens were planted over the ashes of those who died there, making it both a sacred memorial and their final resting place,” Christiansen said. “I also loved that we had a balance of historic and fun places,” she continued. COG’s unique travel opportunities offer participants the chance to experience a new place and culture alongside fellow community members that can become great friends. “We’ve loved every trip we’ve taken with COG, and hope to take more. I’m grateful for the friends we made on this trip,” Christiansen said.