Graduate Studies in Education

Graduate Studies in Education

The Beverley Taylor Sorenson College of Education and Human Development offers graduate coursework online and through a variety of distance delivery technologies. Courses are available for in- and out-of-state educators seeking professional advancement through the attainment of the Master of Education (M.Ed.) with a variety of areas of emphasis, including administrative credentials in both Utah and Nevada.

The College of Education offers several programs:

If you have any questions about the 42 or 33-hour programs, please contact Shelley Dahlin.

Shelley Dahlin
Administrative Program Specialist
(435) 586-7968

If you have any questions about the 36-hour program, please contact Tamara Lovell.

Tamara Lovell
M.Ed. and Non-degree Seeking Graduate Study Specialist
(435) 865-8759

 Most of the Graduate Programs offered by the Graduate and Online School (GOS) at Southern Utah University (SUU) require students to complete 6-12 credits of an internship, thesis, or project. GOS now requires that all internship, thesis, and project reports be submitted in a digital format.

SUU GOS Capstone and Research Policy

Grading and Graduation Requirements

Learn more about the Capstone Supervisory Committee.

Meet with your Program Director/Program Coordinator to discuss possible ideas:

The content of the report must meet the instructor and department’s standards as documented in the links above and are not a matter of college policy. The College does require the student meet the following format requirements:

  • Completed reports will need to be submitted as a .pdf file to the instructor, complete with digital signature sheet. The signed signature sheet needs to be scanned and inserted into the Word document prior to converting to .pdf file.
  • Cover sheets:
    • Internship Signature cover sheet (pdf) or Internship Signature Cover Sheet (Word)
    • Senior Thesis Signature cover sheet (pdf)
    • Senior Project Signature cover sheet (pdf)
    • For International Study reports, modify the Internship Report cover/signature sheet as appropriate
  • The report “Dates” refers to the dates when the internship, thesis or report was completed (not when the report is submitted or credit is received). For work spanning multiple quarters/years, include the full range of dates).
  • Non-text addendums (e.g., examples of work or materials from the internship) will need to be scanned for inclusion in the .pdf file
  • At minimum, submit a first draft by the third week of the last quarter of study. Students must clarify the timeline for draft submission with their instructor and document that on the Thesis/Internship Contract. Instructors need sufficient time to read and evaluate reports before the applicable grading deadline. In most cases, instructors require revisions and resubmission before grading.
  • Students with incomplete work listed on their transcripts as “I” grades are responsible for making sure the instructor submits the final grade(s). After the report is accepted as final by the instructor, students with “I” grades should notify the instructor of all quarters in which they have outstanding incomplete grades.