SUU Student studies CADCAM with a laptop and engineering plans

Department of Engineering and Technology

Engineers and Technologists play an increasingly important role in solving the varied problems of a complex and increasingly international society. Their work focuses on design, but it may include analysis, diagnostic measurements, supervision, operations, communications, and many other skills. There are many rewarding and high-paying job opportunities in the fields of Engineering and Technology, requiring proven skills and leadership.

The Department of Engineering and Technology offers a learning-centered environment with ABET accredited programs in Engineering and Engineering Technology. The department also offers the students an opportunity to develop a broad range of academic skill in the program discipline area of Construction Management.


The Department of Engineering and Technology is made up of undergraduate academic programs in three areas–engineering, technology, and construction management. Our mission is to:

  • foster a student-centered learning environment,
  • nurture a student-oriented culture of curiosity, creativity, and discovery,
  • maintain a commitment to continuous improvement,
  • encourage community engagement,
  • establish and maintain high-quality accredited programs, and
  • prepare graduates to be successful in professional careers.


Establish a supportive educational environment for students of engineering and technology that is intellectually stimulating, academically rigorous, ethically sound, environmentally conscious, and practically relevant to help prepare students to be engaged in their communities and careers where they will serve responsibly and add value through creatively and proactively solving problems.

Strategic Plan