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Dr. Megan Freestone-Bernd ('03)
SUU to Pediatric Anesthesiology

Originally published on January 24, 2017.

Dr. Megan Freestone-Bernd grew up in a small farming community in Hansen, Idaho and was naturally drawn to taking care of small animals. As a child she always thought she’d grow up to be a veterinarian. Over time that passion for an animal's well-being transitioned into a desire to care for people and she began to pursue her dreams of becoming a doctor.

Megan was first introduced to Southern Utah University in high school during a leadership conference held on campus and quickly fell in love with the red rocks and small town of Cedar City. When it was time to research colleges, Megan found that SUU had an excellent reputation for helping students get into medical school through a quality science department.  

During her time at SUU, Megan became very involved with the College of Science and Engineering. Through the guidance of supportive and invested faculty, Megan was able to participate in several research projects, network and shadow with area physicians, and worked with the Rural Health Scholars which encourages more rural youth to pursue careers in health care offering resources and training opportunities. All of this experience left her a prepared, confident pre-med student ready for her future.

“The small class sizes and personal attention at SUU was awesome,” said Megan. “ I really enjoyed that everyone in the science department knew me and were dedicated to helping me succeed.”

Since graduation, Megan went on to finish her medical education at the University of Utah and Pennsylvania State University. Megan specialized in pediatric anesthesiology, and now works as a licensed physician in Boise, Idaho.

“As a pediatric anesthesiologist I enjoy helping make children's lives better,” said Megan. “Kids and their parents are at a very vulnerable time before, during and after surgery. I need to establish their trust in a very short amount of time and help them feel at ease in my care. We work very hard to make children comfortable and reduce their anxiety during their surgical procedure. I love seeing children that I have taken care of over the years continue to do well and grow up.”

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