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Scott Bennett ('99)

Scott Bennett ('99)
SUU to Chief Deputy Prosecutor

Originally published on May 23, 2018.

A Provo native, Scott Bennett always thought that he would attend his hometown university. After deciding that living at home and going to school may not be the best idea for him, he decided to try Southern Utah University. It didn’t take long for Bennett to realize he made the right choice.

“After my first month at SUU, I knew I had found a home away from home,” said Bennett. “I quickly decided I wanted to remain a T-Bird and had no desire to ever go anywhere else.”

While at SUU, Bennett kept himself busy by taking extra credits, interning for a law firm, working as a resident assistant in university housing, and working at the radio station. Despite a full and rigorous schedule, Bennett graduated in three years and jumped right into law school.

“Based on the experience and demanding curriculum provided by SUU, I hit the ground running my first year of law school, and I did not struggle with the challenges of a graduate program as many do,” said Bennett, “This transition to higher learning happened at SUU, and that is what allowed for my success in law school. A positive law school experience led to passing the bar and work as an attorney right after graduation.”

Bennett is now the Chief Deputy Prosecutor in the Graham County attorney’s office in Arizona. He works on a variety of violent felonies within the Graham County jurisdiction, including the prosecution of all homicides, sex crimes, and violent offenses.

For his outstanding work as a prosecutor, Bennett received the 2017 Arizona Felony Prosecutor of the Year award. This award is given annually to a single prosecutor who has distinguished him or herself for their work and success as a prosecutor in the State of Arizona.

“None of my post SUU success would have been possible without the foundation provided by my time as a T-Bird.”

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