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Tim Gainey ('05)

Tim Gainey ('05)
SUU to Professional Basketball

Originally published on March 23, 2018.

After enjoying a successful basketball career at Cochise Junior College, Tim Gainey caught the eye of Southern Utah University and was quickly recruited with a full-tuition scholarship.

Tim liked the team that was being put together and the academic quality SUU had to offer made the decision easy.

Choosing to study business management, Tim kept himself busy both on and off the court.

“As a student-athlete, managing things is a huge challenge,” said Tim. “Our schedules typically consisted of weights sessions at 5:30 a.m., classes throughout the day, and in between classes we had individual workouts. After class we had practice for up to 3 hours, study hall at night, and had to find time to make dinner, do any homework, laundry etc. Doing this for more than two years really helped me grow and mature as an adult. I learned a lot about myself at SUU.”

Tim also had the added challenge of being a first-generation college student and utilized mentors and professors to help balance his schedule and keep up in school. He remembers many such professors, some of which still are still at SUU, including Emmett Steed, Art Challis, Mary Pearson, David Tufte, Joe Baker, Matthew Barton, and Paul Husselbee.

“My education was second to none at SUU, and I would do it all over in a heartbeat,” said Tim. “I will never forget the things I’ve learned from the Communications and Business departments. My professors more than prepared me for the future, and I will always be appreciative of what they have taught and done for me.”  

For Tim, graduating was more than just receiving a diploma.

“Being the first one in my family to receive a diploma after pledging to my father before he died that I would get this done was definitely something I will always cherish not only for myself but for my family,” said Tim.

Since graduation, Tim has traveled the world playing professional basketball in China, Mexico, and South America. For the last ten years, he has played for the Warrnambool Seahawks in Australia. As most overseas teams are only allowed two international players on their roster at any given time, the fact that Tim has maintained his position on the court for ten years is a tribute to his continued contributions to the sport in Australia.

Utilizing his talents both as an athlete and an academic, Tim works at SHB Business and Wealth Advisers as a financial planning adviser assistant. His responsibilities include producing compliant financial plans, reviewing and researching investment strategies and risk profiles for individual client needs, and maintaining a working knowledge of a laundry list of finance-oriented laws, strategies, and business models.  

Tim has honed in on multiple skill sets to provide for his family and be successful in two separate careers.

“Getting my degree at SUU set me up to succeed.”

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