SUU Students attending Thunder U

Thunder U

Thunder U is a welcome program that takes place prior to the start of school. Students indicate their favorite interest and participate in activities surrounding that interest throughout Thunder U. Thunder U offers a chance to connect with key resources, like your Ace, and learn other important information to get you started on the right foot.

Before Thunder U

Students will be emailed the full Thunder U schedule with additional information from both the FYE Office and their Ace. If you are unfamiliar with campus locations, check our campus map for more information. 

If you have specific questions about Thunder U, please contact your Ace! If you aren't sure how to contact your Ace you can email

Thunder U Schedule

Thunder U 2024 begins on Saturday, August 24 with major move-in for on-campus housing that day. Thunder U required days are Monday 8/26 & Tuesday 8/27.

Optional activities occur Saturday 8/24 & Sunday 8/25.

Fall Semester 2024 begins Wednesday 8/28!

A more detailed schedule for Thunder U will be released mid-July.

Is Thunder U Required?

Thunder U (orientation) is required for all new students under SUU Policy 6.5 IV-B-4K.

  1. Incoming first-year students are required to attend Thunder U.
  2. Transfer students are required to attend Thunder U.
  3. Non-Traditional students (over the age of 25, married and/or with children) are required to attend Thunder U. We also host a Non-Traditional Student Mix and Mingle during Thunder U, be sure to check for it on the complete schedule.
  4. International students are required to attend both the International Student Orientation and Thunder U.
  5. Veteran students are required to attend Thunder U and should connect with the Veteran Resource and Support Center to attend their Military Connected Orientation.
  6. Online campus students are exempt from attending Thunder U. Students with all online courses that are registered as a "main campus" student are still required to attend Thunder U. For questions about your campus designation, please contact your Ace.
  7. Parents of T-Birds Both in-person open houses and online orientation for parents are available through Parent and Family Services.