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Geosciences Department

The Geosciences Program at Southern Utah University encompasses programs in Geology, Geography, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) within existing and upcoming degrees in Geology, Geospatial Science, and Environmental Science, and a certificate in GIS. All Geosciences majors engage in field and lab-based learning and participate in active research that takes advantage of campus resources and Cedar City’s unrivaled access to the landscapes, geology, and cultures of southern Utah.

Environmental Science

Environmental Science

The environmental science degree program focuses on providing students a strong foundation in the physical sciences (e.g., geology, chemistry, biology), while exposing them to knowledge and skills from the social sciences (e.g., economics, business, sociology).


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Environmental Studies

The environmental studies degree program focuses on the human and social aspects of environmental issues, while also providing students a strong foundation in the physical sciences. 


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Geospatial Science

Our GIS courses and laboratory serve many departments, degrees, and affiliated entities across the SUU campus and surrounding communities. The GIS courses and laboratory teach spatial technologies through hands-on experience. 


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The bachelors degree in Geology program at SUU is well known for its location in one of the most geologically spectacular settings in the country. The program stresses field-based experiences and undergraduate research opportunities while students earn their geology degree in this stunning setting. Students may choose between a BS in Geology or a BA in Geosciences.

Geoscience News

Student Testimonials

Tess Johnson
“I Love rocks. I’ve always loved science and learning about the Earth and how it works. The geology program at SUU has helped me strengthen my passion and want to share it with others. That is why I want to be a teacher and share that passion with students. My experience here at SUU has been wonderful.”

Zach Smith
“I’m a geology major because I enjoy studying the world around me and trying to figure out how it works. When you study geology, the whole world becomes interesting, and there is never a dull moment.”

Jennifer Crowell
“I started off as a biology major, but then I took one geology class and realized something was missing from my education. I want to become a paleontologist so I decided to double major in biology and geology because they are both so important in the study of ancient life.”

Edyte Konan
“I am a geology major because I do not like offices. The field is much more exciting. I prefer to be a scientist, to do calculations and research. I can also earn a lot of money in geology”