Geography at SUU

Geography students

Geography is traditionally divided into three areas, and all three are offered in the SUU geography curriculum. These include (1) physical geography, an examination of earth's physical systems; (2) human or cultural geography, which explores spatial relationships in human activities; and (3) technical or applied geography, including the technologies of geographic research, which encompasses cartography, GIS, GPS, and related technologies.

The mission of the SUU geography program is:

  1. To continue and expand the relationship between the departments of Physical Science and History and Sociology and to support the programs and degrees offered by these departments.
  2. To discover, describe, explain, and interpret the character of the earth as home to humans by focusing on interrelationships within and among natural and cultural subsystems and regions.
  3. To contribute to the liberal education offered by the university, to provide excellence in teaching, and to offer students the best in geography education that can be obtained at any institution of higher learning.
  4. To offer specialized training in applied geography, including GIS and cartography.

Programs available: