Funding Your Geology Travel

Funding Your Conference and Travel with Scholarships

You will be required to present your research at a national conference prior to graduation.  This experience distinguishes you as a graduate school and career candidate and will be extremely valuable for your long-term goals.  The expenses of registration, travel, and accommodations can be supported by the funding opportunities below.  Don’t miss out on this additional opportunity to distinguish yourself as a self-starter who can write successful proposals.

  • SUU’s Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Program (UGRASP) provides funding to qualified applicants toward research and the costs associated with attending conferences to present your research as well as toward the costs of publishing your research. Look into these early as you are starting your research because you often need to apply in advance of actually doing the work. Additional links are provided from this website for more research funding opportunities.
  • Southern Utah University Student Association (SUUSA) provides travel funding to students and clubs such as Geology Club for travel and expenses to academic conferences. Restrictions do apply so be sure to plan your funding accordingly. You may not request more than ½ your total conference expenses. It is recommended to coordinate with all of the students attending a particular conference to receive highest consideration. For more information, visit the SUUSA website.
  • Rocky Mountain Region of the Geological Society of America offers funding opportunities for research and travel to regional and national conferences. For more information, visit the Rocky Mountain Region of the Geological Society of America website. You must become a student member of the Geological Society of America (GSA) to be considered for these opportunities. Become a member by visiting the GSA website.
  • SUU Honors Program funding is available to registered honors students in support of research, to fund travel to conferences, and more. Find out how the SUU Honors Program helps you define your education. Visit the SUU Honor Program website. To apply for funding visit the Honors Program Office in the Gerald R. Sherratt Library.
  • Geological Society of America (GSA) offers numerous grant opportunities and provide valuable grant writing experience to distinguish your scholarly record. For more information, visit the GSA grants web page.