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The past few years have presented T-Bird Nation with the unprecedented challenges of Covid-19 and the floods in the summer of 2021. These challenges created unforeseen financial hardships for our students, and had T-Bird Nation stepping up and wanting to help. In an effort to support students with the financial burdens created during these times, T-Bird Strong was created, and the outpouring of financial support from students, alumni, and friends of SUU was astounding!

Finances are the #1 reason students withdraw from college. Every year, we witness students who are struggling to continue their education after experiencing an unforeseen emergency or catastrophic event such as a house fire, accident, theft, or family member death. Others struggle with food insecurity, homelessness, and domestic issues that threaten to derail their academic goals. We are committed to providing the safety net to our fellow T-Birds need to push through their immediate crisis and persist in their studies at SUU.

Would you consider making a one-time contribution or have a continuous impact by creating a recurring contribution to T-Bird Strong?

$5 a month could provide one meal for a student facing food insecurity

$10 a month could provide help with the rising cost of transportation to and from school or work

$25 a month could cover the copay of a needed medical visit

$50 a month could help cover the cost of rising utilities

It doesn’t take a lot to have a major impact on our fellow T-Birds. We are T-Bird Strong!