Support the TBirdStrong Fund

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, SUU has created the TBirdStrong fund to support students experiencing financial hardship. As a university, we are deeply committed to helping our students reach their full potential and navigate the disruptions that could derail the attainment of their SUU degree.

The TBirdStrong fund assists eligible students dealing with unexpected circumstances such as the loss of off-campus jobs due to shutdowns, costs associated with remote learning, or moving home while committed to off-campus housing contracts. These funds may alleviate heavy burdens such as housing, tuition, fees and books. Even food has become a critical need for our students as we have seen a significant increase in the use of our HOPE pantry.

The TBirdStrong fund was launched with a $1 contribution. Your contribution, of any amount, will make an immediate and lasting impact as you aid SUU students in meeting essential expenses during this time of unanticipated hardship. Thank you for adding your strength to make TBirdStrong!

Help us reach 2,020 contributors by the end of 2020!

We currently have 140 donors and $16,614 in donations! Our Tbirds thank you for your support!

If you have questions regarding your donation, please contact our Advancement Services Specialist, McKenzie Hyde, at Hyde@suu.edu (877) 233-8356 or our Director of Development and Annual Fund, Annette Murray, at murray@suu.edu (435) 865-8272.

TBird Story

“Honestly I am so grateful I’ve been a student here at SUU during these major changes,” said Brynlee Shults, a sophomore psychology major. “I’ve heard horror stories about other big universities grossly mishandling the situation from my friends all across the country. I strongly believe that SUU as an institution has done an outstanding job with both taking care of their students while also minding and following safety guidelines. I really feel my university has my best interest at heart. It’s comforting.”

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