Department of Communication

Minor: Communication

COMM 1010 is required as a GE course for all Communication Minors but does not count toward the minor. A minimum of 18 credit hours must be taken to satisfy a minor. Of the 18 credit hours, a minimum of 12 credit hours must be from the core or required courses for the emphasis and 12 credit hours must be upper division (3000 & above). The minor must be approved by the department chair BEFORE classes are taken.

There are 3 emphases to choose from:

Communication Studies

Corporate, Interpersonal & Relational, Political Communication - contact the department

Media Studies

Film Interest - contact the department

Strategic Communication


Worksheets for Minors are provided as PDF files for several previous catalog years. The free Adobe Reader program is required to access them. If you would like a worksheet in a different format or for current years, please contact us.

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