Sustainability Studies Minor

The purpose of the Sustainability Studies Minor is to introduce students to concepts and practices of sustainability as they apply to our contemporary society. Sustainability refers to the ability of current populations to meet their needs, while not compromising the ability of future generations to also meet their needs. Through an interdisciplinary approach, students will be able to balance environmental, social, and economic priorities in addressing real-world problems. Students will choose courses from the Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural and Physical Sciences, and Public Engagement in order to have a well-rounded appreciation of issues in sustainability and the application of sustainability concepts and practices. The principles of sustainability can be used to balance growth and development with justice and environmental stewardship as we address important societal challenges. The Sustainability Studies minor provides opportunities to become engaged citizens and scholars working on local, regional, and global scales. Another opportunity to get involved is by joining the SUU Sustainability Club

Through completion of the Sustainability Studies Minor, students will gain:

  • Knowledge of the concepts and principles of sustainability.
  • Knowledge of the role of biodiversity and ecosystems in the natural world.
  • An appreciation of the social and cultural dynamics that influence human behavior and decision-making.
  • An ability to analyze and solve problems from different perspectives.
  • An appreciation of cross-cultural and historical perspectives on sustainability.
  • An understanding of how individual actions and national policies impact the natural world.
  • And, engagement with the complex ethical and leadership processes necessary for reaching sustainability priorities.




History, Sociology, & Anthropology