Which Spanish class should I register for?

Q: I took some Spanish in high school, what class should I register for?

A: If you have had any Spanish coursework in the past, you need to take our free, online placement test. Contact our administrative assistant, Jennilee Thayer, at jennileethayer@suu.edu and she will send you the information on how to take the placement test. The test takes around 15 to 20 minutes. Upon completion, you will receive a score and information on which course you should register for based on that score. If your score places you in Spanish 1010, simply register for the course as there are no prerequisites. If your score places you in Spanish 1020 or higher, e-mail your score to Lana Smith with a request to remove the prerequisites so you are registered in the course. Be sure to include which section you wish to register in.

Q: I have lived in a Spanish-speaking community for more than a year and I think I speak pretty well. What level should I start at?

A: It can vary a bit, but most students with this much experience are ready to start at the 3000-level. Spanish 3210 or 3212 is the most common starting class. In some cases, Spanish 2020 (4th semester) might be more appropriate. Students with this much experience should not register for 1010, 1020, or 2010.  E-mail or set up an appointment to speak with a Spanish faculty member for advising. She or he will need to sign you into 3210 or 3212 using an add/drop form found here (hyperlink to form). Be aware that these courses often fill up quickly, so make contact with our faculty as soon as possible.

Q: I grew up in a family where one or both parent(s) spoke Spanish and I spoke Spanish as well. However, I don’t really know the grammar. Should I start in 1010?

A: No. Spanish 1010 is designed for students with little or no experience speaking Spanish. You should speak with a faculty member to receive advising. In most cases, students who grew up speaking Spanish start at the 3000-level with Spanish 3210 or 3212.

Q: If I start at the 3000-level, how do I get credit for Spanish as a GE course.

A: If you pass 3210 or 3212 with a B or better, you can actually buy the 16 credits for Spanish 1010, 1020, 2010, and 2020. You can then count one of those courses to the GE. See Jennilee Thayer jennileethayer@suu.edu for more information about buying credits after completing 3210 or 3212.

Q: If I place into a class above Spanish 1010, can I still get GE credit.

A: Yes. Any of the four lower division classes (1010, 1020, 2010, 2020) count as a Humanities GE course.