Prior Learning Assessment - photo of 3D structure and blueprints.

Live, Work, Get Credit

Through the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program, it is possible to earn SUU academic credit for your past, intentional learning experiences.
Up to 15 credits* of upper-division electives can be earned. These credits can be earned by enrolling in the PLA 3920 pass/fail online course and successfully completing the course requirements. As part of this course you can document your prior learning experiences and demonstrate how they connect to your current educational pursuit.

*Prior Learning Assessment is available to any admitted SUU student. One to fifteen credits toward your bachelor’s degree is possible. Please speak with your Student Success Advisor to determine how many PLA credits would be advisable for your degree. Too many elective credits are neither beneficial nor necessary. The total amount of credits you may earn through PLA is ultimately determined by the course instructor.

When you register for PLA 3920, the total cost of the first credit is $279. The cost of the additional credits is $49 per credit. PLA is NOT eligible to receive financial aid, and your PLA credits will not count towards the total number of credits needed to be aid eligible.
Please note: PLA credit is only granted for original work. Transferred PLA credit from other institutions cannot be repeated at SUU. Credit-bearing projects and certificates earned at SUU cannot be considered for additional PLA credits.