MPA Current Student Testimonials: Ryan Avery

Ryan chose the MPA program due to its incredible reputation of a diverse degree, and because it was offered at SUU.

Ryan has many interests that all revolve around helping other people. He chose the general emphasis so that he could gain vast knowledge within local government, human resources and student services.

Ryan graduated with his BS degree in psychology from SUU.

Ryan plans on working as an academic advisor and utilizing the MPA to its fullest by achieving greatness within higher education.

Ryan believes that the MPA program is extremely valuable because of its broad learning foundation in so many different public facets.

Ryan's favorite courses have been the student services courses because of his interest within higher education.

Ryan sums up the MPA program in these words- It is the most excellent diverse degree!

Pat Keehley has been the most amazing professor and director. He has learned invaluable knowledge and direction from her that has only inspired him to achieve greatness.