International Affairs

Homestay – Your home in the United States

Our HomeStay Program gives you the opportunity to live with a local Cedar City family. This is the perfect option for students who truly want to improve their English, and have an American experience. You will participate in family events, share their home, celebrate holidays, and learn from their daily lifestyle.

With homestay, you can expect to:

Be involved in the culture. Have experiences you never would have in campus housing

Get help improving your English and understanding assignments more clearly

Do better in classes - because you have better English! There will always be someone around to ask questions to.

Live a more diverse life – by deeply experiencing a unique culture on a personal level, and sharing your culture with others.

Adapt to your new environment more quickly – Your homestay family will show you around town, take you shopping, and give you an insider's view on things to do in Cedar City.

Be better qualified for a future job – because you have truly learned the language and culture of another country.

Have fun! – Our homestay hosts will become like a family to you. You will live, cook, play, and learn together. The best part is, when you arrive in the U.S., you will already have a home full of friends!

Interact with Americans and learn from their daily lives

Quickly learn about the community. Visit places you never would have found on your own

The families

Our HomeStay families are very diverse; ranging from retired couples, to young families with children. All HomeStay families are selected for their friendly, outgoing personalities, and go through a stringent screening and training process to ensure the safety of the students staying with them.

What's included

For less than the cost of a school dorm and meal plan, HomeStay includes:

  • Private or shared room. Easy access to a bathroom
  • 3 meals per day
  • Transportation to and from campus (if your HomeStay is not within walking distance)
  • Options to participate in the family's weekend and holiday activities
  • Access to a kitchen, laundry room, internet – all the comforts of home.
  • Immersive cultural exposure – experience how people really live in the U.S.
  • Advanced English – learn colloquialisms, idioms, and conversational speech you won't get from any English textbook

How do I start?

Just fill out the homestay student application. When it has been processed, we will contact you.

Our program offers three price options:

  • 8 weeks – the length of one ESL session at SUU: $1,344
  • 18 weeks – one semester: $3,024
  • Short term - $30 per day

Homestay Placement fee: $150

You can contact us at:

For those already in the program, you can make your homestay payment online.