Data Council


The mission of the SUU Data Council is to facilitate evidence-based decision-making and mission fulfillment at SUU by providing the right data to the right person at the right time in easily accessible and efficient ways and by ensuring that the data is accurate and reliable and reported in consistent ways. Furthermore, as applicable coordinate data reporting to ensure accurate, reliable, and consistent reporting of data to outside entities.

Reporting Responsibilities at SUU

Data Council Members:

Role Name Area
Chair: Christian Reiner Institutional Research
Standing Members: Andrew Burroughs Registrar's Office
  Chet Dalton Finance
  Chris Dunning Advancement & Enrollment Management/Alumni & Community Relations
Joni Edgel Admissions
  Parker Grimes Administrative Systems
  David Hughes Financial Aid & Scholarships
Dion Munk Enrollment Management
  Zachary Murray Planning & Budget Office
Braden Roberts Human Resources
Jim Shakespear IT Security 
Lisa Swanson Provost Office