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An Abundance of Art at SUU

Published: January 14, 2004 | Author: Renee Ballenger | Category: Arts

This month, there are four art exhibits on display at Southern Utah University that offer color, texture, culture, creativity and much, much more. An abundance of quality art is right here in your neighborhood; you should see it!

In the Artichoke Lounge, housed within the Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery, are excerpts from the award-winning collection of the 24th Annual Type Directors Club of New York contest. A selection of posters, books, and some packaging, from all over the world are available for the public’s view through January. “While the Typography art form might seem like an esoteric area of specialization,” Henry Brimmer, assistant professor of graphic design, states, “the work in this exhibit will touch anyone interested in the printed word.” Students, incidentally, came up with the concept, and name, of the Artichoke Lounge. It is THE meeting room for Performing and Visual Arts students to gather and informally talk about art and artistic issues. It provides a venue for interaction and expression not found in a traditional classroom setting, but just as valuable.

Featured in the Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery through January 29 are the Rural High School Fine Art Competition winners. "Mindscapes," featuring the work of artist/photographer Adriel Heisey, will run January 29-March 5. Heisey is tentatively planning on visiting campus on March 4, also the date of the Friends of the Gallery's annual Art Auction.

In the PushPin gallery area, located west of the bookstore as you enter the Centrum from the Sharwan Smith Student Center, is a display of posters designed by students of the Fall ‘03 Graphic Design History course. This course was taught at SUU for the first time last semester, by Rohn Solomon, the University’s Publications and Photo Services Director. The pieces combine letters and numbers with images to explain art from a historical perspective. The PushPin is space dedicated to exhibit work by students in SUU’s College of Performing and Visual Arts’ Graphic Design program.

“Mexico: A Feast for the Eye,” an interactive photographic exhibit of Mexico, is now showing on the third floor of the SUU Library through February. The exhibit features the work of Greg Stauffer, vice president of financial services at SUU, and an enthusiast over photographing the western United States, and his affinity for Mexico, too. This exhibit will take you out of the snowy cold of Utah to the warmth of Mexico, as you tour ancient ruins of the Mayans, the barrier reef at Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula and the churches, castles, pyramids, temples and museums of Mexico. Also, Greg has captured the mardi gras of color in many of his photos of the plants and animals of this beautiful country. An added attraction to the exhibit is the ability to hear more about each photograph via your cell phone. This technology allows you to hear, in both English and Spanish, additional information about the locations featured in the photographs, authored by Deborah Hill, assistant professor of secondary education. Greg began his photographic adventures 20 years ago while working at the University of Idaho where he executed sports photography. In the last decade he has focused his photographic talents on nature and landscape. It is Greg’s hope that this exhibit inspires others to venture out and explore what nature has to offer.

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