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RealityWeb Connects Students at SUU

Published: January 08, 2004 | Author: Renee Ballenger | Category: Campaign for SUU

eb surfers can be part of SUU’s Spring ’04 Welcome Week through the eyes of Micah and Jessie. Join Micah on his second attempt on the slopes on Brian Head mountain during SUU Day at the ski resort. And, get the behind-the-scenes view of what it takes to plan the special events of Welcome Week--including two concerts--as Jessie scurries about to make it all happen for her fellow students.

“I’m particularly excited about the two-way communication that I will be a part of with prospective students,” Jessie exclaims. “I think that is important.”

“I’m pretty involved at SUU,” Micah adds. “I believe you have to put into something to get the most out of it. RealityWeb has been a really fun way to represent SUU.”

Jared Wilcken, associate director of admissions, is one of the producers of SUU’s RealityWeb. “We’re doing a spin off of the popular reality TV culture, while at the same time exposing more people to the wonderful academic and social opportunities available to them at SUU. Our current students are excited about their involvement here; we’re hoping RealityWeb helps get prospective students excited about higher education.”

As of Monday, January 12, you can connect with SUU on the RealityWeb at

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