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Form in the Flesh, SUU Student Art Show now showing in the ARTichoke Lounge

Published: March 26, 2004 | Author: Renee Ballenger | Category: Arts

“The body always expresses the spirit whose envelope it is. And for him who can see, the nude offers the richest meaning.”
-Auguste Rodin

“Form in the Flesh” is the current exhibit in the Artichoke Lounge at Southern Utah University.

A work of art, entirely by SUU students, Form in the Flesh, celebrates the beauty of the human form. Sketchings, paintings, and sculptures alike, express the color, dimension and artistic appreciation of the human body.

The artists are SUU students. The exhibit curators are SUU students. Those who conceptualized, materialized and maintain the Artichoke Lounge are SUU students.

The curators—Jessica Durrant, a senior art major from Las Vegas, and Jasen Workman, a junior art major from Cedar City—offer this Curators’ Statement: One of the greatest artist of all time, Michelangelo, proclaimed, “He who does not master the nude, cannot understand the principles of architecture.” Figure drawing is a fundamental and essential course of study for artists. It refines an artist’s ability to see and understand proportion and form. The artist must also be aware of the underlying masses of the figure such as the bones and muscles. To master the figure is a great achievement for any artist, and takes a lifetime of practice, a keen eye, and a cultivation of that talent. As you look throughout this exhibit you may feel as Walt Reed did when he said, There is no other vehicle so subtle or so effective for the expression of human thoughts and emotions as the human figure.”

The Artichoke Lounge, housed within the Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery, is a beautiful, comfortable space in the recently-refurbished Braithwaite building. It is the meeting room for art, or art-interested students to gather and informally talk about art and artistic issues. It provides a venue for interaction not found in a traditional classroom setting, but just as valuable. The space has been donned The Artichoke Lounge—creatively combining the word Art, and a making fun of their own in that sometimes art is so “art-ful,” you could almost choke on it!

Form in the Flesh, a tasteful and professional exhibit that is provocative and thought-provoking, shows through April 8. The Gallery opens each weekday at Noon. For more info, call the Gallery at 435.586.5432. Admission is Free.

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