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SUU Announces Organizational Changes

Published: July 12, 2004 | Author: Dean O'Driscoll | Category: Academics

Following months of review and analysis, Southern Utah University announces several organizational changes as part of its ongoing efforts to streamline and improve programs for students. The University and other institutions of higher education are charged to continually review their strategic approach to program offerings in order to be productive, efficient and eliminate unnecessary duplications.

The changes taking place at SUU are achieving these goals while remaining budget neutral. In fact, they are cost effective because of the placement of similar programs within the same department or college allows collaboration that saves money and time for both the student and the institution. No jobs will be lost with these organizational changes. Also, all current SUU programs and degrees continue to be offered. Finally, these alignments put SUU on par with a number of peer institutions in Utah and throughout the nation.

The overriding purpose of these organizational changes, President Steve Bennion explains, “is to better place programs in organizational proximity to each other that have the distinct opportunity to collaborate more closely.” Such a conscientious approach to placing related programs closer in objective in action better serves the needs of students, and also the industry.

The changes proposal was first submitted to the Board of Trustees in May, and then last week to the Board of Regents. Both bodies approved the proposal.

Implementation is planned for the coming 2004-05 academic year. After considerable faculty input, individuals have been appointed to leadership positions, some on an interim basis. During the coming year, permanent appointments will occur.

A. Converting the School of Applied Science and Technology into a new College of Computing, Integrated Engineering and Technology. The interim Dean is Dr. Mikhail Bouniaev. The Departments included in the new College are:
1. Computer Science & Information Systems Department—consolidating three different computing programs from three different areas into one. Interim Department Chair is Professor Connie Nyman.
2. Integrated Engineering and Technology Department--will have Dr. Desmond Penny serving as Interim Chair. Professor Richard Wittwer will serve as Director of Applied Technology Education as well as Division Head.
3. The Department of Mathematics--will have Professor Richard Tebbs serving as Interim Chair.

B. Other departmental alignments within the University, include:
1. The Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice-- will be located in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. A chair will be appointed in the near future.
2. The Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences Department--is to be located in the College of Science. Professor Dan Dail will serve as Department chair.

C. Components of the Family & Consumer Sciences Department will be shifted to the College of Education.
1. The Early Childhood program will be included in the Elementary Education
Department, and will be chaired by Dr. Gerry Bowler.
2. The Marriage and Family program will be included in the Department of Secondary Education and chaired by Dr. Lee Montgomery.

University Provost, Dr. Abe Harraf, says,“I appreciate the work and cooperation of deans, department chairs, faculty members and leaders in undertaking extensive review of the organizational alignments at SUU. It has been invaluable in helping us to better organize the delivery of academic programs at the University.”

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