SUU Professors Score in 80-90th Percentile on Student Evaluations

Published: September 06, 2005 | Author: Renee Ballenger | Read Time: 2 minutes

The faculty of Southern Utah University received A’s and B’s from their students on criteria including quality teaching, organization and clarity, and value of course content.

Freshmen through graduate students submitted 11,360 evaluations of their professors and classes for the Spring 2005 semester, and the results show that SUU faculty are above average and excellent teachers.

Ten questions queried students on everything from how clearly course objectives were defined, to how useful the course was in helping the student acquire new knowledge and skills.

On the first question mentioned above, SUU faculty received an average 90.71 percent rating.

On the last question mentioned above, SUU faculty received an average 85.43 percent rating.

88.32 percent of the students “Agreed” and “Strongly Agreed” that professors clearly defined their grading and evaluation systems.

Students agreed that tests were based on materials presented in the course by 87.9 percent.

As far as professors giving feedback about assignments, 80.7 percent of the students who responded agreed this was the case.

84.87 percent of the respondents agreed that their professors promoted an effective learning atmosphere with well-organized presentations.

Professors used examples and demonstrated application of subject matter to at least 90.11 percent of students who chose to evaluate their class experiences.

Individual help was provided from professors, upon request by 88.51 percent of student respondents.

92.33 percent of the student respondents felt that faculty showed respect for their questions and opinions.

And, overall, 87.16 percent of the student evaluators agreed or strongly agreed that overall, their professors demonstrated effective teaching.

Through its more than 100-year history, SUU has evolved from a teacher training school into its current role as a comprehensive, regional university to 6,000 students from across the globe. It serves the southern region of Utah and contiguous counties in surrounding states with undergraduate and graduate programs in six schools and colleges. People of the region look to the University for outreach services, culture, economic and business development, higher learning, regional history, public affairs, major academic specialties, and significant entertainment and recreation. Accentuated by the notable, economic value of its services, SUU's hallmark is its quality faculty, academics and staff.


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